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Daily care

Taking care of your new hair is easy and convenient: just treat it like your own hair. You can shampoo it, comb it, use hairspray, gel or other styling products, blow it dry, or do anything else you would with your own hair. There's absolutely nothing extra to do.

Monthly styling

Hair Club's trained stylists know how to keep your new hair seamlessly blended with your own growing hair to ensure that you continue to look your best. Stop by once a month for a basic shampoo and trim, or go wild with a dramatic cut, highlighting, and other personalized styling. Want to eliminate a bit of gray in your natural hair while you're here? Your expert stylist will take care of you.

Get tips on how to keep your existing hair on our blog "Keeping Hair Healthy."

Maxxam® and Maxxam Gold® Hair Care Products

An entire line of hair care and stylying products have been specially developed just for Hair Club clients.

The daily home care product regimen offered for men:

  1. Balancing Protection Shampoo
  2. Moisture Infusion Conditioner
  3. Hydra-Rinse Finishing Rinse
  4. Alive Organic Cleanser
  5. Intensive Conditiong Unifier (leave-in conditioner)

Hair Club's proprietary styling products for men include:

  • Strong-Hold Gel: Increases shine with a strong hold, plus contains UV absorbers to prevent color fading
  • Body Building Mousse: Increases body, volume and shine while providing a light, natural hold
  • Chrome Dry Oil Treatment with Argan Oil: Repairs your hair from the inside-out, eliminates dry, brittle hair, and creates shiny, healthy hair
  • Styling Paste: Provides a light hold while enhancing textured styles