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Slow Hair Loss & Regrow Hair

Slow Hair Loss & Regrow Hair

Hair Growth Products For Men

Getting thicker, fuller hair requires finding a hair loss product that actually works. Our cutting-edge line of hair growth products for men are not only backed by clinical trials but has also delivered natural results to thousands of men dealing with thinning and balding. With help from exclusive diagnostic technology, our Hair Loss Experts can quickly recommend a product that will work best for your level of hair loss so no time is wasted and you can begin preventing hair loss and stimulating healthier hair growth at home.

  • Stress-Free

    Easy-to-use in the comfort of your own home, these products only require minutes a week for thicker, stronger hair.

  • 100% Safe

    The safety and effectiveness of each product has been confirmed by extensive research and the FDA.

  • Scientifically Proven

    All products have been reviewed by physicians and confirmed to produce favorable results at a 90% or higher rate of success.

Men's EXT Hair Growth

In a few easy steps, regrow hair and prevent further hair loss. In addition to an oral supplement and exclusive scalp-penetrating products, EXT contains minoxidil, the only topical, FDA-approved ingredient proven to slow hair loss. Together, the EXT products maximize one another’s effects to stimulate hair growth by keeping follicles in the growth phase longer.

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Laser Therapy For Men

Prevent hair loss and improve hair growth with the latest revolution in at-home hair growth products. Laser Therapy offer is an affordable option for men just beginning to show signs of hair loss. Harnessing the power of low-level light, these sophisticated, FDA-cleared laser devices supply hair follicles with a specific wavelength and optimal light output that have been clinically proven to slow down and stop hair loss.

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