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Slow Hair Loss & Regrow Hair

Slow Hair Loss & Regrow Hair

Hair Growth Products
For Women

Specially designed for women, our female hair growth products have been created to correct the unique problems of women struggling with hair loss and thinning. Not sure which product is for you? Whether you’re looking to prevent hair loss or regrow lost hair, a private session with a Hair Loss Expert will point you in the right direction. After just a few weeks of regular use you’ll have fuller, healthier hair that you can finally style and show off. Need help choosing a new hair color or finding the perfect cut? No problem, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

  • Female Friendly

    Designed specifically for women, these products have successfully improved the hair of over 90% of women in clinical trials.

  • Rapid Results

    By simply incorporating these products into your daily beauty routine, you’ll see results after just a few weeks of regular use.

  • Completely Safe

    Considered safe and effective by the FDA, these products are not only healthy to use, but are proven to work.

Women’s EXT Hair Loss

Keep your hair from thinning, stimulate growth and improve the look of your hair with EXT. This daily regimen includes minoxidil—a topical, FDA-approved, hair loss ingredient—as well as a nutritional supplement that supplies your body with hair-healthy herbs, vitamins and minerals to improve the overall condition of your scalp. EXT also replaces your ordinary shampoo and conditioner with special cleansing products that better help the minoxidil rejuvenate your hair.

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Women’s Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy devices are safe, easy-to-use and FDA-cleared to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss in the comfort of your own home. By delivering a specific light wavelength the scalp, Laser Therapy has been clinically-proven to slow down and stop female hair loss, increase hair diameter, strengthen hair and stimulate growth. After regular use, a few times a week, you’ll notice fuller, thicker, healthier hair.

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