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Although hair transplants are only right for some women, they can offer life-changing, permanent results by filling in balding or thinning with viable hair.


Unlike men, woman usually experience thinning across the entire scalp and typically, do not have hair genetically resistant to hair loss. Therefore, any transplanted hair could run the risk of undergoing hair loss as well. In these cases of diffuse hair loss, our Bio-Matrix® Hair Replacement or EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy would likely be a better fit.

However, traction alopecia, scar repairs, and follicles damaged by Trichotillomania (chronic hair pulling) are exceptions. Transplants for these types of hair loss can provide permanent, natural-looking results.

Only a specialized physician can determine your candidacy for hair transplant surgery.

hair transplant surgeryIf you are a good candidate, the physician will make individualized recommendations for the number of grafts and sessions you'll need during your free, confidential consultation. The phsysician will also be able to advise you about the coverage you will be able to achieve and answer all of your hair loss and hair transplant questions.

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