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hair restoration for womenHair transplantation is a surgical hair restoration technique in which healthy hair follicles are extracted from areas of the scalp genetically resistant to hair loss and then transplanted to areas that are experiencing thinning or balding. In other words, hair that is growing properly is surgically removed and placed into the areas where more hair is needed.

Why Hair Transplantation?

  • It's a permanent solution. Your hair should continue to grow for your lifetime.
  • The results are natural. You'll maintain the qualities of the hair you used to have.

Women's Hair Transplantation Results

Since hair transplantation involves filling in thinning areas with your own hair, the results look and feel completely natural. With Hair Club's network of specialized physicians and their cutting-edge technology, it's nearly impossible to differentiate native and transplanted hair.

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Candidacy for Female Hair Transplantation

Hair Club's network of specialized physicians can determine if you are a good candidate for hair transplantation.

You may be a good candidate for hair transplantation if your hair loss results from:

While many women discover that hair transplantation can achieve the natural, permanent results desired, some women may not be eligible for the procedure. Women often experience thinning across the entire scalp and lack hair that is genetically resistant to hair loss, like men usually do. When such is the case, transplanted hair is at risk of eventually undergoing hair loss, and another solution is likely a better fit.

No matter the type of hair loss you are experiencing, Hair Club has a proven solution to restore your hair! If you are not eligible for surgical hair restoration, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement or EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy are viable options.

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