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Exclusive to Hair Club, Xtrands is the latest non-invasive volumizing solution to maximize thickness and fullness, using your own existing hair. The brand-new Xtrands technique adds multiple hair strands to your existing hair at the scalp level. With Xtrands it’s never been easier or more affordable to go from thinning to full and fabulous. Now you can finally achieve that thick, full, natural-looking head of hair you’ve wanted.

Increase hair volume by over 200% per hair!

Get immediate results without surgery

How it Works

  1. In thinning areas, existing hair is sectioned into a precise part.
  2. The “host” hairs are carefully selected.
  3. Utilizing an application wand, new hairs of up to 4 hairs strands are locked onto the base of each host hair.
  4. When shampooed, the new hairs will separate into multiple hairs to attain exponential results, and a personalized styling session completes the session to achieve your new look.


Xtrands was designed for men and women with light to medium hair loss. Xtrands is a non-invasive, exclusive, volumizing solution that maximizes thickness and density with your existing hair. It was created to fill in thinning areas where no other method can.

Xtrands might not be appropriate for advance hair loss. However, only a Hair Club Hair Loss Expert will be able to determine if Xtrands is right for you.

You’ll need to visit your local Hair Club about every 4 weeks to have new Xtrands hairs added to maintain your hair’s thickness and volume. Unlike extensions or wefts, the precision hair will grow out as your own hair grows.

No! You can shower, swim, go outside, and exercise with Xtrands, just like normal hair. Style your hair just like you would normally. No clips or glues are needed to keep Xtrands secured to your hair. Just visit Hair Club every 4 weeks to maintain your hair’s thickness and volume.

  • You may dye your Xtrands
  • Blow dry them
  • Style them
  • Lay on the beach
  • Brush them
  • Swimming
  • Shampoo and condition
A session of 500 Xtrands is a relaxing salon service that will normally take an hour to an hour and half. However, depending on your hair length and level of hair loss more Xtrands may be required.
Xtrands feel just like your normal hair, with no clips or glues to keep Xtrands in place. This amazing hair technology has the same characteristics as human hair, carefully selected to match the unique specifications of your own growing hair. Unlike extensions or wefts, the precision hair will grow out as your own hair grows.

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  • Reviews David F. - Xtrands gives me a confidence boost because I don't worry as much about my thinning areas and what people can see. I love the look it has given me and it feels comfortable and natural at the same time.
  • Reviews Fiona J. - I absolutely love my Xtrands, they give me the thick hair I used to have and I feel beautiful. Hair Club really came through with a solution for my thin hair
  • Reviews Desire M. - My thinning disappeared before my eyes. I kept looking at myself in the mirror and I simply couldn’t believe it…