Hair Loss

3 Common Hair Loss Myths Debunked


Hair loss creates a wide array of emotional responses in people. Confusion, worry, sadness, guilt, anger, and shame are all common emotions associated with losing your hair. Many people are too embarrassed to ask why the condition is happening to them—or they may not know where to turn for answers they can trust. In this vacuum of misinformation, some assume they must have done something to cause their hair loss or they simply believe in old myths and wives tales about why hair falls out.

Arm yourself with the facts about hair loss. The more you know, the more you will be able to make an informed decision about which hair loss solution is right for you.

Hair Loss Myth #1: Wearing A Hat Causes Hair Loss

This is absolutely false. Wearing a hat does not cause hair loss. While the origins of this myth are unclear, it has no basis in truth. Scientifically, there is absolutely no evidence that links hair loss to wearing hats. If your favorite hat gets dirty from use, it may cause your scalp to become irritated, so keep your lid clean or buy a new one. In fact, wearing hats is a great way to protect your scalp from the sun’s harmful rays.

man wearing hat

Hair Loss Myth #2: Washing Too Often Makes Your Hair Fall Out

This, too, is false. Some people perceive normal hair washing as causing hair loss because we all see some hairs in the drain at the end of a shower. Everyone loses about 50-100 hairs a day as part of the normal hair growth cycle. Washing your hair is when you’re most likely to notice that normal shedding. The fact is if you wash your hair less frequently, you may see more hairs in the drain when you do finally shampoo, because some of the hairs that would have shed on the days you didn’t wash are finally swept away with the water pressure of your shower. Need another reason to wash your hair frequently? When you don’t shampoo often enough, oil and debris can build up on your scalp, which can impede growth or cause dandruff.

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Hair Loss Myth #3: It’s Your Mom’s Fault You’re Losing Your Hair

This is false. You inherit genes that influence hair loss from both your mother and father. If there are patterns of hair loss anywhere in your family, there is a chance you may be facing hair loss, too. But, over 80 million Americans are dealing with some sort of hair loss—so you are definitely not alone.

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