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6 Easy Tips to Keep Your Beard In Great Shape


Beards are on trend. With everyone from movie stars to famous athletes sporting some sort of facial hair, millions of men have jumped on the beard bandwagon. Beyond just keeping your face warm in the winter, a beard is an expression of your personal style. Give your facial hair the same attention as the hair on top of your head and keep your entire look groomed to perfection.

Try these tricks of the trade to keep your whiskers shiny and healthy:


Match the style of your beard to your face shape

Make your beard work for you. To ensure you have the most flattering beard for your face shape, keep in mind that it’s about balance. For square jawlines, try leaving your beard fuller near the chin and clipped shorter on the sides. For round faces, grow the hair on the bottom longer and clip sides close. For long or oval-shaped faces, keep the sides longer and the bottom shorter.


To trim or not to trim?

The answer to that questions is yes—trim your beard. Invest in a high-quality trimmer and experiment with techniques until you find the one that works best for you. Try using scissors for stray hairs and detail work to give yourself a clean, even trim.


A natural “cheek line” is best

Don’t shave the upper edge of your beard along your cheeks. While the bottom edges of your beard look good trimmed, a natural top edge is the way to go.


Wash your beard often

Just like your hair, daily washing of your beard optimizes health and reduces itching. Scrub to remove dead skin cells, oil and debris. Gently pat to remove wetness then air dry for best results. Rough toweling off can lead to frizz, breakage and split ends.


Beard oil is your friend

You wouldn’t try styling a precision cut without the right products, would you? Your beard is no different. Nothing tames unruly whiskers like a good quality beard oil. It adds shine, conditions hair and moisturizes your skin to keep you looking smooth and well-groomed.


Moustaches need maintenance, too

Every house needs a roof. Think of your moustache as a frame for your beard. Keep it even with grooming scissors and use a styling wax to mold your stache into shape. Light, natural-looking shaping looks best.

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