Success Stories The Hair Club Experience

Meet Atlanta Women's Center Manager & Client: Kecia Haynes


Kecia first became aware of her hair loss as a teenager when a family member asked about a bald spot on the back of her head. “I dismissed it,” said Kecia. “The bald spot wasn’t glaringly obvious, so I just styled my hair so that it covered the spot.”

While she never had thick hair, as a young woman, Kecia felt she had enough to get by so she didn’t spend too much time worrying about hair loss. But, as time went on, her condition worsened. At 18, she was finishing high school and wearing a wig. “I felt horrible about myself. The quality of the wigs wasn’t good and people weren’t accepting [of those with hair loss],” she said. Kecia had been avoiding harsh styling practices like relaxers, perms and tight braids, but it wasn’t helping her hair. Finally, Kecia and her mother went to the dermatologist, which ended up being a humiliating experience. The doctor acted as if he was disgusted by Kecia’s hair and made a show of putting on gloves before examining her head. He said he’d never seen anything like her hair loss before and didn’t know what the condition was. Kecia was devastated.

You don’t let them leave the room without hope

That experience is one of the reasons she loves Hair Club. When you meet someone with hair loss, “You don’t let them leave the room without hope,” she said. As the Center Manager of our new Hair Club Atlanta Women’s Center, Kecia is grateful for the opportunity to share her hair loss experience and solution with others who are looking for hope.

Kecia says her clients regularly hug her at the end of their consultations. “Even if there’s a language barrier, clients still hug me,” she said. “That is extremely rewarding for me and it reminds me why I’m doing this.” She shows clients her solution, runs her fingers through her hair and demonstrates to clients that there’s a reason to hope. As they talk, Kecia sees them transform—something lights up inside. “They say I can do something about my hair loss. I have options. I can get my life back,” she said. That sense of renewal is invaluable.

Everyone at Hair Club listened to me and the stylists were amazing.

Kecia remembers being a new client at Hair Club. Her aunt had been pushing her to call Hair Club for quite some time. After being swindled by unscrupulous stylists and embarrassed by doctors, Kecia needed a real solution. She needed hope. “I owe it to myself to try,” she said. “Everyone at Hair Club listened to me and the stylists were amazing.” When Kecia received her Xtrands+® solution, all she said was, “Wow! This is what I’ve been missing!”

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