Success Stories The Hair Club Experience

Meet Hair Club Client Glenn G.


Thinning hair is a natural part of the aging process, which is why Glenn G. didn’t think much about it—until one day he noticed his hairline drastically receding around his temples. He was just 34 years old at the time, but he realized his hair loss was making him look older.

Being in my mid-thirties while all these younger college graduates were coming into the workforce—it made me want to look young

Losing his hair at such a young age was taking an emotional toll on Glenn. The loss even affected him at work. “Being in my mid-thirties while all these younger college graduates were coming into the workforce—it made me want to look young,” said Glenn. “When you’re in a meeting with people younger than you, they’re a little less willing to partner with you if you look older. But, if they think you’re young and you “get it”, you can build those relationships.”

It didn’t take long for Glenn to decide he wanted a change. He had seen the Hair Club commercials on television and was impressed with the client testimonials. He made an appointment for a free consultation because he was intrigued by the hair restoration process and wanted to learn more about a non-surgical solution.

At his initial appointment, Glenn said he immediately felt comfortable with his consultant. “The more she spoke about what Hair Club could do, the better I felt,” said Glenn. “She wasn’t trying to push me, and that put me at ease.”

Digital photos and measurements were taken, revealing Glenn had thinning at the crown that he hadn’t seen before. The consultant reassured Glenn that Hair Club offers a solution for all types and levels of hair loss and together they looked through Hair Club’s style book. They chose the color, length and cut for his Xtrands+® solution and Glenn left his appointment excited about what it would be like to have a full head of hair again.

At his next appointment, Glenn’s back was to the mirror as he sat in the styling chair. When his stylist finished cutting and styling his new hair, she spun him around he couldn’t believe his reflection. “I was thrilled. The first thing I did was lean forward and inspect my hairline, just like they do in the commercials. I was completely blown away! It was just like my own hair.”

I felt like I looked 15 years younger and I got my confidence back

Glenn was on vacation from work when he first received his Hair Club solution. When he returned to the office, his colleagues complimented him on his haircut and no one could tell he had restored his hair. Even his family just thought he had a new hair style that made him look younger. “They looked at my hair for 10 minutes. They touched it. They couldn’t tell,” said Glenn. “I felt like I looked 15 years younger and I got my confidence back.”

Eventually, Glenn moved to Florida and Hair Club made it easy for him to find a new stylist nearby. Glenn loves his new stylist because she quickly got to know him personally and the style he likes. “It’s huge for me to have the stability of a specially-trained stylist, no matter where I live.”

When asked what he would tell men and women who are hesitant to try Hair Club, Glenn said he would encourage them to look at the before and after images. “If you are not ready to look your age, you owe it to yourself to give it a try, because hair loss is reversible,” said Glenn.

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