Hair Loss Success Stories The Hair Club Experience

Meet Hair Club Client Suzanne Patterson


Suzanne Patterson has been a Hair Club client since 2006. After years of enduring uncomfortable hats and wigs, she now proudly shares her experience in hopes that telling her story will help someone else dealing with hair loss

Throughout her difficult childhood and into adulthood, Suzanne has suffered from trichotillomania. Though she didn’t know the condition had a name until her late teens, she learned that trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder that drives individuals to pull out their own hair, resulting in noticeable hair loss. As a young girl, Suzanne would wear hats to cover her hair loss—even wearing a yellow wool ski-cap year-round, no matter how hot it was outside. While in school, a teacher noticed Suzanne’s struggle to fit in and kindly offered to buy her a wig to replace her hat. While she was grateful for the help, Suzanne was so embarrassed by the pitiful stares at the wig shop, she accepted the first wig placed on her head, even though it was a style intended for a much older woman and obviously made to fit a woman’s head, not a girl’s.

In her late teens, Suzanne seemed to have won her battle with trichotillomania. Her hair grew and, for a few years, she forgot the shame she had previously felt. Eventually, Suzanne married and had children of her own, but the marriage wasn’t what she’d hoped it would be. Throughout her marriage, Suzanne lacked self-assurance. Once again, she began pulling out her hair and eyelashes, and over time, the bald spots became impossible to hide with “comb-overs” and makeup. She was ashamed to take her children to the park or beach, or participate in any other outdoor activities, for fear that her secret hair loss would be exposed. “I could never look people in the eye. I had no confidence,” she says. Though her marriage ended in divorce, her trichotillomania continued.

Years later, she met a wonderful man who is now her husband. He saw a Hair Club commercial on television one day and encouraged Suzanne to call. While she was unsure and didn’t quite know what to expect, Suzanne came to her consultation and began to realize how restoring her hair could have a huge impact on her life.

“I used to cover my hair loss with clip-on hair pieces and wigs, but they were uncomfortable, expensive and noticeable. Now with my new hair, I feel like a million bucks! I feel fabulous! And, I have so much more self-confidence now.” That self-confidence came with an increased salary, too. With her gorgeous new hair, Suzanne found the courage to leave her old position and started a new one working directly with doctors and clients. She now confidently interacts with surgeons everyday—and she’s enjoying a salary that is nearly three times her old one.

When people compliment me on my beautiful hair, I am proud to tell them about my personal struggle and how I found peace with Hair Club!

Suzanne is a proud Hair Club client and she’s developed very close relationships with her stylists over the years. “I’ve avoided cameras most of my life,” she says, but is now a Brand Ambassador for Hair Club. “I am happy to share my story in any way I can. Working in the medical field, primarily in cosmetic surgery offices, I find myself encouraging others regarding their personal appearance every day. And when people compliment me on my beautiful hair, I am proud to tell them about my personal struggle and how I found peace with Hair Club!”

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