Success Stories The Hair Club Experience

Meet Hair Club Xtrands+® Client: Caran G.


Caran was flipping through the channels one night and happened to land on a Hair Club commercial. The before-and-after images of women’s hair restoration success stories flashed across the screen and caught her attention. It was then the “aha” moment came.  

“I just thought why not me? I had been struggling with hair loss for many years. It really just takes over your life,” said Caran. “I hit a point where I needed to try something better than what I was doing.” 

To hide her hair loss, Caran had been using various products commonly sold at retail stores, weaves and hats. For more than a decade, her hair was the first thing she thought about every day, and she never felt totally comfortable with how she looked. Her thinning hair affected her deeply, especially at work. 

Caran felt so uncomfortable at her office that she asked to have the light over her desk removed. She claimed it bothered her eyes, but the truth was she worried people could see her scalp because of the hair she had lost. When colleagues came into her office, she would stand up rather than sitting at her desk, so they wouldn’t be able to look down on her bald spot. Caran also worried how other employers would view her if she ever had to find a new job. She wondered if they would think she looked too old or unhealthy to do the job because of her hair loss.

Caran said losing her hair was a lot like losing a close friend or loved one. “First, you deny it. Then, you get angry and wonder why this had to happen to you,” she said. She used to make self-deprecating jokes about her hair loss, but the subject was always painful. “The key is that you have to do something about it,” said Caran.

When her “aha” moment came watching television that night, Caran knew what she had to do. She scheduled her consultation at Hair Club and was amazed by what she learned. She was impressed by the hair and scalp evaluation and the knowledge her consultant shared. Most of all, Caran was moved by the compassion and understanding she felt from everyone at the center. She decided to become Hair Club client.  

When Caran returned for her first styling appointment, it was impactful on a level she didn’t expect. “I just felt this tangible and physical lightness,” she said. “Hair Club gave me back who I really am.”

Today, Caran is a true Hair Club ambassador. Whenever she goes in for an appointment, she encourages new clients in the reception area at the salon. “If I can help just one person understand the true lifeline that Hair Club offers, then I’ll feel I did something good,” said Caran.

If you’re experiencing female hair loss, know that you are not alone and you have options. Meet with one of our empathetic hair loss experts to learn what you can do to get your hair back.