Meet Hair Club Stylist: Robin G.

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Robin G. has loved keeping up with hair style trends since she was a young girl. At just fourteen years old, she started working at a salon to pursue her passion. As she grew older, Robin remained enamored with hair, but, rather than pursuing a career in the beauty industry, she considered other options at the suggestion of her parents.

As someone who loves helping others, Robin decided to work with at-risk youths. For fourteen years, she had a career encouraging them to stay in school and to believe in themselves. Although she loved her job and felt fulfilled helping teens transform their lives, her desire to be a hair stylist never ceased. Robin eventually followed her dream and enrolled in cosmetology school.

While she was studying, Robin worked as an apprentice in a premier salon in Orlando, Florida. It was there that she first heard about Hair Club. The idea that she could combine her love of hair styling with her desire to encourage and support others sounded like a dream come true. Robin applied for a position as a stylist and was hired.

“The Hair Club environment is different than a regular salon in so many ways,” said Robin. “The privacy, the close relationships that are formed, and the positive atmosphere all make Hair Club truly unique. It is such a happy place to work—I love my clients! In fact, they’re really more like family.”

Robin, who has been a Hair Club stylist for nine years, says she feels fortunate that Hair Club supports continuous training in the latest hair health trends and styling techniques for all types of hair. She has a particular interest in African American haircare because she has seen many of her friends damage their hair with relaxers, tight braids and bad weaves.

“For many African American women, styling their hair is cumbersome and time consuming. They don’t realize the damage being caused by certain styling techniques,” said Robin. “I like to help my clients learn how to keep their hair healthy and looking great.”

After becoming a Hair Club stylist, Robin also became an Xtrands+® client—not because of hair loss, but because of the many great styles she can try. She says being a Hair Club client makes it easy for her to keep up with current hair trends and change up her look frequently.

Robin’s ultimate goal is for her clients to live life fully, without worrying about their hair. “Seeing the transformation my clients experience is so rewarding,” said Robin. “People walk into Hair Club searching for a solution and they walk out feeling younger, happier and more confident. Hair Club is truly life-changing.”

Learn more about how Hair Club can change your life by scheduling your free, private consultation. Our reputation as the number one provider of proven hair loss solutions across North America has been built over four decades in the hair restoration business. We are proud to offer our clients cutting-edge technology and solutions, as well as innovative products and services. No matter your hair type or level of hair loss, we have a solution that will give you natural-looking results you’ll love.