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YOU First

Focus on YOU to get a long & prosperous day started! As a professional female angler, I spend long days on the water; salty, windy, rough water that is damaging to my skin & hair. Every fisherman knows that success depends on preparation. You prepare your boat to be ready in the hope that fish will come over the rail. You prepare your gear & tackle to withstand hours of abuse from fish that do not want to be caught. We even prepare our coolers, stocked with ice, for our eventual prize. When you are not preparing, we are maintaining & cleaning our boat, engines, reels & tackle to be ready the next day.

It makes complete sense then that we should prepare & maintain the most important and valuable asset of any fishing trip, or worthwhile endeavor...YOU! You can’t enjoy a full day on the water, day in and day out, without being prepared. For me, my preparation starts at 4 a.m. almost any weekday applying sunscreen right after I wake up to protect my skin from the damaging sun. For my hair, I prepare with regular visits to the Stylists at Hairclub. They have decades of experience using their time-tested proven solutions. For men and women, Hairclub has the regrowth, replacement, & restoration solutions for you. Additionally, on a daily basis I use Hairclub Maxxam products to maintain healthy, vibrant & voluminous hair after long hours in the sun, salt, & wind.

Start the day right, feeling good about yourself, and your hair, and I promise you are going to have a great day on the water, or at the office, at your next social gathering...really you will feel great everywhere!