Extreme LaserComb

Laser hair therapy is a safe, effective, and FDA-cleared way to treat hair loss by stimulating growth in hair follicles. Use it three times each week for just 10-15 minutes to improve the quality of your hair and limit hair loss. This new breakthrough technology has already delivered amazing results, stimulating growth in over 90% percent of users who tested it in clinical trials. The LaserComb is especially effective when combined with the EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy.

How it works

The low-energy laser diodes in the Extreme LaserComb promote hair growth in two ways:

Because the Extreme LaserComb stimulates hair follicles that are in resting or shedding phases (about 10%-15% of your hair at any given time goes through this), you may notice that you start shedding a bit more when you begin using it. This is normal, and there’s no reason to be concerned. What’s happening is that older, weaker hairs (which would soon shed on their own) are being pushed out of your scalp faster as stronger, thicker hairs stimulated by the LaserComb begin to grow. (For more details about the three phases of natural hair growth, see the Hair Growth and Lifecycle page).

LaserComb is easy to use. Simply start at your hairline and slowly brush (The LaserComb has a time beep feature to help you) the comb through your hair from front to back, moving the comb one-half inch every 4 seconds. Repeat the process starting at the hairline on the side of your head, then move to the opposite side. Then do the same on the crown of head.

Timeline of typical LaserComb use

While individual results vary, the timeline below tracks the experience enjoyed by many LaserComb users as demonstrated in hair restoration clinical trials and subsequent use by Hair Club members.

Even if you don’t see full results by week 20, many users who continue using LaserComb after this time report gradual improvement in hair thickness, density, and growth.

Is it right for you?

LaserComb hair restoration therapy works best for men and women who are just beginning to show signs of hair loss. If you’re happy with the way your hair looks today and just want to prevent further thinning, Extreme LaserComb offers a relatively inexpensive solution you can use discreetly at home.