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Hair Club’s Proven Hair Restoration Solutions

Hair Club offers a unique range of surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments, each with a track record verified by extensive testing and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. No matter the solution you choose, your hair will look and feel completely natural. Hair Club’s affordable hair restoration solutions include:

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair is added to match the exact angle and direction of your exact hair growth pattern and unique texture, on a virtually undetectable second layer of skin. Our highly skilled technical artists will complete your desired look.

Hair Transplants

Cutting-edge technology allows affiliated physicians to surgically transplant your own hair into the thinning areas and in the precise angle of growth to achieve permanent, natural long lasting results.

EXT Extreme Hair Therapy

An intense rejuvenation and hair loss prevention program that incorporates the FDA-approved ingredient in combination with cleansing agents and nutritional supplements.

Laser Hair Therapy

Clinically-tested and FDA-cleared to promote hair growth, these at-home devices harness the power of laser photo therapy to restore your hair and prevent future thinning.


Get to the Root of Your Hair Loss

Hair Club’s state-of-the-art diagnostic system will help you better understand your hair loss and how to treat it.

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As the most trusted hair restoration provider, Hair Club knows exactly what it takes to get you looking and feeling better than your very best. Join the hundreds of thousands of Hair Club members living fuller lives with thicker hair.

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