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Shab Reslan Hair Expert

Shab Reslan is a recognized hair health expert in New York City. She is an award-winning hairstylist, an expert on healthy hair growth and scalp wellness, and a ‘Beauty Industry Advocate’ for the Professional Beauty Association. Her number-one ranking podcast on women’s hair health called “Hair Like Hers” is the only podcast dedicated to interviewing top experts focused on the science and health behind hair growth and hair and scalp wellness. She has amassed a loyal social media following that shares the same passion for hair health solutions.

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Shab also consults for emerging and existing brands and wellness/medical spaces on the implementation of hair health into their products and practices. With over 16 years of experience, she has witnessed the lack of resources and solutions for women and their unique hair struggles. For that reason, she has dedicated herself to the study of hair loss, providing guidance, and accessing effective solutions for women. She is a trained Trichologist through the United States Trichology Institute and a member of the American Hair Loss Council- the most significant industry organization worldwide.

“Each and every client is unique. My goal is to go that extra mile to make the experience and outcome truly exceptional through my bespoke approach.”

-Shab Reslan

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Our regrowth solutions are non-surgical options that have shown to regrow hair when used as directed.

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HairClub's replacement solutions fashion new hair to areas of the scalp that have thin or no hair.

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With surgical** hair restoration, your natural hair will grow and restore your hairline and thinning areas of your scalp, permanently.

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