Many of our clients ask about the differences between a Hair Replacement Procedure and Hair Transplant Surgery. Here are some of the major factors you should consider when making an informed decision.

Consider Hair Replacement If:

  • You want a dramatic change, either right away or phased in gradually over several months
  • You have extensive hair loss that limits the number of donor grafts available for surgery
  • You want to look better than you did before your hair loss began
  • You want maximum control over the look and style of your hair
  • You work in a high-visibility profession such as acting, broadcasting, or modeling

Consider Transplant Surgery If:

  • You want an all-natural solution for the rest of your life
  • You have moderate hair loss, but still have enough hair on the back or sides of your head to provide donor grafts
  • You’ve tried one or more topical hair-loss prevention systems without success or want more dramatic results
  • You prefer your own natural hair, even if it means fewer styling options
  • You consider the higher costs associated with surgery to be an investment in your future
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