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Here are the facts: Great hair isn’t delivered by mail. Before you think about ordering drugs or miracle treatments over the internet, you need to know the status of your hair health.

The only way you can conclude with certainty which solutions will work for you is to have an expert analyze and assess what’s happening on the follicular level. During your free hair health checkup, you’ll receive a TrichoView® micro-magnifi cation hair and scalp analysis to establish a baseline and determine which solutions, or combinations thereof, will work for you. Everyone’s hair is different, and thus each person requires a different course of treatment. When you visit a HairClub center, you’ll get a free, no-obligation, hair health checkup. At the end of the checkup, we give you a detailed analysis with photos. We’ll recommend the correct solution, or a combination of solutions, to improve your hair health and address hair thinning and hair loss. Equally important, we’ll be with you throughout your journey and keep you updated on your progress.


Regrow solutions are non-surgical options that are clinically proven to regrow hair. Our Regrow solutions include FDA-cleared laser devices and our hair regrowth solution, which contains minoxidil, the only FDA-approved topical ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair and slow further hair loss. Hair regrowth treatment options are best suited for people in earlier stages of hair thinning.

Solutions Include:

  • EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy
  • LLLT (Low Level Laser Light Therapy) Lasers


Replacement solutions are non-surgical and ideal for people who wish to improve or change the look of their hair quickly. Replacement options work with your existing hair to add thickness and fullness or increase length and density. These treatment options are best suited for people in moderate to advanced stages of hair thinning or loss.

Solutions Include:

  • Xtrands+®
  • Xtrands®
  • RestorInkTM
  • Extensions
  • Halos


Restoration solutions are surgical solutions that include the most advanced techniques and technology**. Restoration options are best suited for those who are in advanced stages of hair thinning or loss.

Solutions Include:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • BioGraft®
  • TriGen+ PRP

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