"Thank you Hair Club for getting my hair back!"

- Aaron P.

EXT® | Client since 2017


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Aaron's Progression with EXT®

Aaron front view baseline


Aaron front view 4 months

4 Months

Aaron front view 6 months

6 Months

Aaron side view baseline


Aaron side view 4 months

4 Months

Aaron side view 6 months

6 Months

Aaron back view baseline


Aaron back view 4 months

4 Months

Aaron back view 6 months

6 Months

Aaron's Journey

Aaron began experiencing hair loss when he was just 24 years old. When he was getting a haircut, his barber told him he was developing a bald spot at his crown. It made him depressed and angry. Not satisfied with his limited style choices and his sinking self-esteem, Aaron became an EXT Extreme Hair Therapy® client.

Aaron's Before & After

After only a few months on the EXT program, Aaron no longer worries about his hair. “I’m 28 and I have hair now—that’s cool,” said Aaron. “Maybe in another year, I can get a mohawk!” With the great experience he’s had, Aaron recom-mends EXT to anyone suffering from hair loss.

Aaron Loves His Results

Look at how confident Aaron is now that he’s growing his hair back!


100% Commitment to Satisfaction


“At Hair Club®, we want you to be happy. That’s why we offer our commitment to satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your solution for any reason, you can apply your purchase price towards select solutions offered at your purchasing location.


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