"I’m excited for my life now I have hair! I’m able to just be myself completely."

- Aisha B.

EXT® | Client since 2017


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Aisha's Progression with EXT®

Aisha front view baseline


Aisha front view 4 months

4 Months

Aisha front view 6 months

6 Months

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Aisha side view 4 months

4 Months

Aisha side view 6 months

6 Months

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Aisha other view 4 months

4 Months

Aisha other view 6 months

6 Months

Aisha's Journey

According to Aisha, for many African American women, “our hair is our beauty, it represents us as women.” That’s why it was devastating for Aisha when her hair began falling out when she was just 22 years old. “Balding as a female was horrible,” said Aisha. “I felt ugly.” She tried a number of hair loss products without success. While Aisha wore wigs to hide her hair loss, she worried she’d be judged when her dates discovered what her hair was really like. By the time Aisha was in her early 30s, she had given up on dating altogether. “I didn’t feel that any man would want to date me because at 32, I had no hair.”

Aisha's Before & After

When Aisha first heard about Hair Club’s EXT Extreme Hair Therapy® program, she thought, “I’ll just try it because the worst that can happen is that I end up at the same place I am right now.” After several months in the program, Aisha could see her hair starting to grow with her own eyes. For the first time in years, she finally felt comfortable leaving her house without a wig. “I was so excited,” said Aisha. “I felt complete!” Today, she encourages other women struggling with hair loss to keep moving forward. “Just try this one more thing. EXT will change your life completely.”

A Confident, Beautiful Woman

Aisha says EXT gave her “life-changing results”. See for yourself how confident Aisha is in her appearance today.

100% Commitment to Satisfaction


“At Hair Club®, we want you to be happy. That’s why we offer our commitment to satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your solution for any reason, you can apply your purchase price towards select solutions offered at your purchasing location.


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