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“It’s better than I could’ve possibly imagined. It’s my own hair—it’s me.”

- Blair T.

Surgery | Client since 2013


Blair holding a photo of himself with less hair

Blair's Journey

At the age of 29, Blair noticed his hair thinning. Within just two years, his hairline had receded considerably and his crown was getting more and more sparse. His changing appearance eroded his self-esteem to the point where he became uncomfortable asking women out, or even standing in front of people in line. “I thought all they’d see is my hair loss,” said Blair. He knew he had to do something to boost his confidence. Blair researched hair replacement surgery**, but worried he’d lost too much hair already.

Blair's before and after photo

Blair T.  |  Surgery Client
Results may vary.

Blair’s Before & After

With encouragement from his father, Blair made an appointment to learn more about his options. After an in-depth consultation, Blair was positive that surgery was the solution he had been looking for, and he scheduled the date immediately. The procedure itself took just a few hours, and the results that followed were amazing. “It’s better than I could’ve possibly imagined, it’s my hair—it’s me,” said Blair. He loves the freedom and confidence regaining his hair has given him. “I would’ve restored my hair sooner if I realized the whole process was going to be so easy,” said Blair. “The best thing about having a full head of hair, to me, is the confidence. My dating life is much better now!”

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