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"Hair Club changed my life."

- Lavon W.

EXT® | Client since 2011


Lavon's Journey

When Lavon’s hairline started to recede in his early 20s, he didn’t worry too much about it. It was easy enough to cover the hair loss by wearing hats. But when a career change forced him to leave the hats at home, Lavon knew he needed a better solution. And he realized that wearing hats may have contributed to a more long-term problem. “They allowed me to ignore my hair loss for a long time,” said Lavon. Since hair loss is progressive, ignoring the problem only made it worse.

Lavon's before and after photo

Lavon W.  |  EXT® Client
Results not typical.

Lavon's Before & After

After seeing a Hair Club commercial on television, Lavon called and scheduled a consultation. In the center, he learned he was a candidate for EXT Extreme Hair Therapy®. EXT includes Minoxidil, the only FDA-approved topical treatment clinically proven to regrow hair and slow the progression of hair loss. Lavon is grateful he joined the program because he’s enjoyed remarkable hair regrowth. Now, with renewed confidence, Lavon is thrilled to report his results are even better than he hoped. “That call to Hair Club changed my life,” said Lavon. “The fact that I can pull and tug on hair that I didn’t have at one point is just unbelievable!”

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