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"I get compliments on my hair all the time."

- Nikita P.

Xtrands+® | Client since 2017


Nikita portrait photo from before Hair Club

Nikita's Journey

When Nikita was just 18 years old, she developed a medical condition for which she had to take large doses of medication. What’s worse, the medication ended up causing her hair to thin. Within a few years, her thinning progressed to bald spots. She tried several products to camouflage her hair loss, but they weren’t working. “What I thought I could manage was suddenly becoming unmanageable,” said Nikita. “My hair loss really started to affect my life.” As a personal trainer, a big part of Nikita’s career is helping others reach their potential. But confidence-building became more difficult as Nikita’s own confidence was shaken by her hair loss. Nikita needed a real solution.

Nikita's before and after photo

Nikita P.  |  Xtrands+® Client
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Nikita's Before & After

Nikita felt hopeful when she saw the before-and-after images of clients on Hair Club’s website. They inspired her to come in for a complimentary consultation. At her appointment, she learned about which options fit her lifestyle and level of hair loss. With Xtrands+, she found her answer—and Nikita’s hair restoration experience has been life changing. “My confidence level is way up,” said Nikita. “Now, I see people noticing my hair, not because it’s thinning, but because they think it looks great. I get compliments on my hair all the time!”

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