"I’m so happy I did this."

- Roger S.

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Roger's Progression with EXT®

Roger front view baseline


Roger front view 4 months

4 Months

Roger front view 6 months

6 Months

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Roger top view 4 months

4 Months

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6 Months

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Roger back view 4 months

4 Months

Roger back view 6 months

6 Months

Roger's Journey

Roger had always been confident in his appearance. At six feet tall, he cut an impressive figure. And because of his height, he assumed people wouldn’t notice the thinning at his crown that began in his late 20s. But by age 42, Roger’s confidence was slipping as his bald spot was becoming more apparent. In his highly visible leadership role at work, confidence is critical. “Part of that comes from how you look, how you feel about your appearance and how that comes across,” said Roger. It was time to take control of his hair loss. He needed to feel confident about his appearance again.

Roger's Before & After

Roger’s wife found Hair Club® online and told him it was something he should explore. He did and learned he was a candidate for the EXT Extreme Hair Therapy program. Roger also learned about the science of how hair grows. “The staff was very friendly and informative. They gave me insight into the hair growth process,” said Roger. After several months on the program, Roger’s hair began to grow. Today, he’s loving his results and plans to keep using the EXT products for life. “I’m so happy I did this,” said Roger. “EXT is literally changing my life.”

Confidence Renewed

For Roger, turning around his hair loss has made all the difference. Look at how confident he is now!

100% Commitment to Satisfaction


“At Hair Club®, we want you to be happy. That’s why we offer our commitment to satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your solution for any reason, you can apply your purchase price towards select solutions offered at your purchasing location.


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