What clients say about HairClub

I never thought that this service could make as big of a difference as it has. I feel better about how I look and feel. I would not have thought just getting my hair back could do that.

Greg Augustine

“It’s unbelievable! I can run my hands through it. I can pull on it. It’s my hair. My hair grew back.”

Lavon W

I went to other 2 places b4 coming to HC, this places is, by far, over a above the others. Great service, excellent stylist (Barbara Rose), professional and confidential. Couldn't be happier.

St. Louis Ben R

I started with HairClub somewhat skeptical about what they could do but figured it was worth a try. During the initial consultation, they were very upfront & honest about what they could accomplish and gave me a list of options that were suitable for me. The stages of hair regrowth happened just as they said it would. No surprises or disappointments. I can see changes in my hair, so glad i took that risk!

Raleigh Margaret H

It works!!! I was sceptic but my hair grew back. Also the people are so awesome. Great experience. It's not as expensive as you might think considering you get tons of useful products AND IT WORKS. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Stacie Bennett