XTRANDS® Fill in your thinning hair

Exclusive to Hair Club, Xtrands® is a non-invasive, volumizing solution that adds and fullness and density to your thinning hair. Xtrands is ideal for women in the early stages of hair loss with either diffused thinning or pronounced thinning around the part.

Xtrands is not an adhesive attachment and will not cover up your existing hair. Instead, multiple strands of precision hair are locked onto your individual, growing “host” hairs near the root. Precision hair is bound together in groupings of 2-4 strands and will separate when shampooed, allowing for an immediate increase in density. With Xtrands, it’s never been easier to go from thin, limp hair to a fuller look! Get the thick, natural-looking hair you’ve always wanted.

  • Maximize the volume of your hair
  • Enjoy immediate results
  • No surgery required