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You are not alone.

Millions of women suffer from hair loss, more than 30 million in the U.S. alone. And while most treatments available today seem to be designed with men in mind, the good news is that there are safe, proven treatments designed especially for women.

At Hair Club we understand that women's hair--and women's experiences with hair loss--are very different. That's why our staff is hand-picked to include talented female hair restoration specialists who understand the unique challenges faced by women.

Working with a team of licensed cosmetologists, we've developed a variety of treatment options that have restored thick, beautiful hair to tens of thousands of women. We'll take the time to give you private, one-on-one guidance, personalizing your treatment plan to give you a flattering, unique look you'll love. You'll look and feel beautiful again in as little as 6 weeks.

Hair Club's Proven Hair Restoration Solutions For Women

Easy, economical ways to slow or prevent hair loss.

Hair Replacement

Faster and less expensive than surgery, Hair Club's Bio-Matrix Strand-by-Strand® hair replacement procedure re-creates the look and feel of natural hair that matches your personal style. It looks and feels like real hair...because it is. From elegant up-dos to flowing curls, you can enjoy the versatility of styling your hair any way you like.

Hair Loss
Prevention Therapy

Extreme Hair Therapy rejuvenates and maintains your hair by incorporating the FDA-approved active ingredient Minoxidil into your daily beauty routine. EXT® works to stimulate hair growth in thinning areas and stop further hair loss while hair loss prevention specialists monitor your progress each month.


Our Extreme LaserComb is a clinically-tested and FDA-cleared device that stops hair loss and promotes hair growth for an astonishing 90% of users. This breakthrough in hair restoration technology uses safe, effective low level laser light photo therapy to restore your look and confidence.

Hair Transplant

Recent advances in surgical technology now make it possible to transplant hair exactly as it grows-a level of precision that was never possible before. The result is a permanent solution that looks natural.

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