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You’ll receive a comprehensive Hair Health Analysis that includes a visual examination of your scalp and hair with TrichoView®, our state-of-the-art imaging tool. Our Hair Loss Specialists will determine your stage and type of hair loss. Then, together, you can choose the best solutions that meet your lifestyle and budget. Your consultation is a valuable part of your journey towards getting the hair you want. It lasts approximately 45 min to one hour.

Absolutely! We love when prospective HairClub® clients bring associates to HairClub. Our Hair Loss Specialists will consult with you and your loved ones, who often share valuable insight about the lifestyle specific to you.

TrichoView is an in-depth and magnified analysis of your hair and your scalp. It creates a baseline that serves as a starting point for your hair journey. This baseline will provide a comparative analysis for the next 12 months. In follow-up visits, we can compare TrichoView images to view progress in real-time. TrichoView includes five photos in front of a blank canvas, with the same five photos taken each month. This allows us to focus your maintenance and improvement on areas of concern and overall hair growth. On each visit, you’ll receive a TrichoView score. The video scope magnifies the scalp by 50 times what the naked eye can see. TrichoView also shows us your hair groupings, the amount of hair growing out of one pore. This imaging reveals the difference between the thickest and thinnest areas of the scalp. TrichoView also provides images of miniaturized hair. This is hair that is actively growing but no longer as thick or healthy. Even miniaturized hair is a positive sign because it means the hair is still growing. Where there is naturally growing hair, we can rebuild and replenish it.

Privacy and premium service go hand-in-hand. These are among the hallmarks of HairClub. Though many clients choose to openly discuss their hair loss in the hopes of helping others, HairClub Centers are private, and membership is completely confidential.

There are 100+ HairClub Centers in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Your free initial consultation and subsequent appointments will take place at the HairClub location of your choice. Simply set up a time and day to visit one of our brick and mortar HairClub Centers.

HairClub providers value every client’s privacy and discretion. Our locations reflect this commitment.