Xtrands+Non-Surgical Hair System

The Xtrands+ process offers those with moderate to advanced hair loss a life-changing transformation. The high-quality, non-surgical Xtrands+ process re-creates the look and feel of your own natural hair. For nearly four decades, hundreds of thousands of people across North America have used this proven method to get their hair back… though you’d never know it if you met them. You can get your hair back in as little as four weeks.

How It Works

  1. A trained hair professional closely examines your thinning area to determine where the hair needs to be added to give you the volume and density you desire.
  2. Real human hair matching your natural color and texture is added strand-by-strand to lace mesh in the exact angle and direction of your own hair growth.
  3. The customized lace is attached to the scalp using a proprietary invisible bonding agent.
  4. An expert stylist will cut and style your new and natural hair to make you look your best. These talented stylists take your age, skin tone and facial struture into consideration to create the right hairstyle for you that makes heads turn.