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Celebrity Frankie Muniz - HairClub before and now portraits of Frankie Muniz - before showing his hair loss, and now he has a complete head of hair thanks to his successful HairClub Xtrands+ solution.

It’s No Act That Frankie Muniz 
is Confident Again

Actor and motorsports athlete Frankie Muniz thought he had tried everything to restore his hair. He almost gave up looking for a solution. He was extremely self-conscious about his hair loss and started to shave his head completely. But that was before HairClub. Now when he wears a helmet all day, he’s confident his hair will look great when he takes it off–and that makes him feel amazing.

Frankie found a solution for his hair with the hair loss expert HairClub 
and Xtrands+®.

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Now I have the confidence to wear a helmet all day, take it off, and know that my hair looks great. It makes me feel amazing and that’s 
the key!

See How Frankie Muniz Said Goodbye to Short Cuts

Frankie Muniz tried to solve his hair loss with short cuts and almost every other treatment out there until his wife finally found a solution that worked for him at HairClub.

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