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Hair Club Knoxville
Center #221 | HOURS
Hours May Vary
Appointment Required
800 South Gay Street
Suite 1021 (10th floor)
Knoxville, TN 37929
(888) 888-8986
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Take Control of Your Hair Loss

Get the natural-looking hair restoration results you want. Our dedicated hair restoration experts will customize a solution to fit your individual hair loss needs and budget at our discreet location in Knoxville. Whether your hair loss concerns are big or small, old or new, we guarantee that no matter the solution you choose, you’ll be satisfied with the look and feel of your new hair.

Why Hair Club Knoxville?

  • We’re passionate.  Our staff is invested in what they do and will not stop working until you are satisfied.
  • We’re accommodating. We are quick to find solutions that work for you when issues arise.
  • We’re organized. All of our appointments are timely and well managed.

We know that you’re busy. That’s why in addition to standard hours, we’re open late weeknights and weekends for your convenience. Don’t worry—we’re sensitive to your privacy—our hair restoration center is unmarked in a professional space to ensure your experience is convenient and confidential.

Get Your Hair Back...Look And Feel Your Best

While most hair restoration companies offer a one-size-fits-all treatment, Hair Club’s 40+ years in the hair loss industry has allowed us to develop safe and effective hair restoration solutions that can be customized especially for you.

Schedule your consultation now or give us a call to learn more about our proven hair loss solutions.

  • 5 I am a new client, and I have to say that the Knoxville location was great. They answered all my questions, put my mind at ease, and led me in the direction I needed to take. I am happy to be a member, and I can't believe it took me this long to go see them. Thanks Knoxville crew for making this girl feel extra special! Read More

  • 5 What a great staff at the Knoxville center. Bob and his crew are incredible! They always take the time to listen and guide me in the right direction with my products. I appreciate the professionalism and care they give to their clients. Read More

  • 5 I love Ronda and the Knoxville staff. They always make me so comfortable and welcome. I leave feeling beautiful. : ) Read More

  • 5 Been a client at the Knoxville center for years, and I have never been disappointed! Read More

  • 5 Thank you to the Knoxville location for your professionalism and care. I always feel good about my self when I leave! Have a blessed day! Read More

  • 5 This Knoxville staff is amazing! They always do their very best to ensure you are happy. I appreciate them taking the time with their customers and always being professional. Read More

  • 5 Ronda, you never disappoint me! You always go above and beyond to ensure that I am pleased with my hair. Thank you! Read More

  • 5 As always, another great visit to the Knoxville location. It is well worth my drive for this outstanding service! Read More

  • 5 Thank you Ronda! You are incredible, and you never disappoint! Read More

  • 5 I am so thankful that I finally decided to visit Bob and his team in Knoxville. I feel more confident and beautiful. Thanks, Knoxville HC staff! Read More

  • 5 I have been to a couple of other locations, and I have found that this one in Knoxville is the BEST!!! I would recommend going to speak to Bob and his staff. They are excellent! Read More

  • 5 What a great staff! Ronda is fantastic, and I would recommend checking them out!!!! Read More

  • 5 A special thank you to Bob and the staff at the Knoxville location. You are wonderful, and I'm thankful for each of you! Read More

  • 5 I would recommend Ronda and the staff at the Knoxville location to everyone! They are extremely helpful and kind. Read More

  • 5 If you are looking for hair replacement, go see Bob and his amazing staff! They are awesome!!! Read More

  • 5 Great location, great staff! Always helpful, and happy to be a client! Read More

  • 5 Rhonda is fantastic! I encourage anyone thinking about this to go see her and the great staff in Knoxville! Read More

  • 5 I would recommend the Knoxville location to anyone! Great staff and great service! Read More

  • 5 Due to traveling, I have been to several locations and I have to say that this Knoxville site is one of the best! Read More

  • 5 I can't believe I waited this long. I hated losing my hair, but I'm glad Rhonda and the rest of the staff in Knoxville have helped and it looks great! Read More

  • 5 If you are thinking about your hair loss, check out the location in Knoxville! They are amazing and can help! Read More

  • 5 I am so glad I decided to do this! I'm always happy with the results, and the staff is great! Read More

  • 5 I think that the gentleman Bob was very professional. Read More

  • 5 Bob and his staff in Knoxville are amazing! They always take the time to answer your questions and give you the best suggestions! Thank you, Knoxville staff! Read More

  • 5 Been a client for years, and I could not imagine going anywhere else! Rhonda is awesome!!!!! Read More

  • 5 I am so impressed with how friendly and helpful the staff is at this location. Knoxville, you are the best! Read More

  • 5 Don't continue to be bald. Check out Bob and his staff. They are fantastic, and I absolutely love Rhonda! Read More

  • 5 What a great place! Everyone is extremely professional and helpful. I am happy that I chose to come here! Read More

  • 3 I've had some problems with the products. They're not coming in as ordered, and they have issues often with density and texture and color. I've been a member for 15 years, and these issues are skewed to the recent side. Read More

  • 5 Rhonda and the rest of the staff are amazing! If you are thinking about this, definitely go and see them! Read More

  • 5 The service here is always outstanding. Definitely could not imagine going anywhere else! Read More

  • 5 Hair club in Oklahoma City is amazing, the ladies there are all so nice and make me feel right at home each time I go, I would recommend hair club to everyone! I now have more confidence and feel better when I'm around other people. Read More

  • 5 Friendly, kind, and discreet. The folks at HC will make you feel appreciated while improving your quality of life!! Read More

  • 5 Amazing customer service. Highly recommended. Read More

  • 5 Still bald? Then, what are you waiting on? These people know their stuff! Go check them out! Read More

  • 5 Hair loss can be embarrassing, epecially for women, but the staff in Knoxville made me feel so welcome and loved. I appreciate their kindness and the amount of time they take with their clients. Read More

  • 5 Like many others, I was hesitate to check on my hair loss. Now, after going to the Knoxville location, I don't know why I waiting so long! Read More

  • 4 Rhonda and Shana are wonderful. They always take such good care of me. Im a long time member and really enjoy the sysyem Read More

  • 5 I was worried about my consultation and first visit, but Bob was so helpful and the ladies were great! Read More

  • 5 I loved this place the service they provide! What a great staff! Thank you Read More

  • 5 This place is great! They answered all my questions and were so helpful! Read More

  • 5 What are you waiting on? If you are thinking about your hair loss, this is the place to check out! Read More

  • 5 Great location with a wonderful, helpful staff! Check them out! Read More

  • 5 I'm so glad i went everyone is so fabulous. Thanks for making my experience an comfortable one. Luv u Bob and Rhonda Read More

  • 5 If you are thinking of doing this, Knoxville is the place to check out! Helpful and caring staff, and wonderful service. Read More

  • 5 Great staff! Great service! Take the time to check them out! Read More

  • 5 Excellent service! Wonderful staff that cares about their clients! Check them out. Read More

  • 5 Great location, great staff, great service!TD Read More


  • 5 Why did I wait so long to do this? If you are tired of being bald, the Knoxville location have the people to help! Read More

  • 5 Love this location! The entire staff is extremely helpful. I would recommend them to anyone! Read More

  • 3.5 I have been a client at the Knoxville location for 2 years now and must say I am so happy and more confident with my hair...they always listen to my concerns and are very open and apt to fix any problem that may arise...thank u Hair Club!ou Read More

  • 5 I have been a client for over 4 years and it the best decision I ever made. The entire staff is friendly and professional! If you are tired of being embarrassed over your hair loss, go see Bob and he will help you! Read More

  • 5 Knoxville HC is the place to go if you are thinking about this procedure! They are helpful and kind, and you will not be disappointed.TLD Read More

  • 5 Very pleased with the Knoxville location, people,and what they have done for me. I would highly recommend them! Read More

  • 5 I've been a client for years and would highly recommend this to anyone. The Knoxville Center is the best! Check them out! Read More

  • 5 Hairclub in Knoxville is awesome! Very friendly and helpful staff, and Rhonda is amazing!!! If you are thinking about this as an option, this is the place to go! Read More

  • The staff is always very professional. They always greet us with a smile! Shana makes us feel so welcome and we are glad to be part of the Knoxville family. Read More

  • 5 Every time I come in for a service...I get a reminder of what I could look like...thanks hairclub for enhancing my life....shana is terrific. Read More

  • 5 I have been a client for 5 years now and the staff is great. From the moment you walk into the door until you leave you are treated in a friendly and professional manner. Sarah greets everyone with a beautiful smile and keeps track of all your appointments and products. Lenore is terrific stylist and does a wonderful job making you look your best. Bob makes sure the place runs efficient and has all the products available. Read More

  • 5 I have been a client for several years. I would recommend to anyone that might be interested in looking young again. The staff is very professional and very knowledgeable. All of the stylist are excellent. Read More

  • 5 When I was young, I couldn't grow a beard. Now that I have a full beard, I don't have the hair to match it. I have been very happy with my new hair and can't imagine going back. The staff at the Knoxville HCM are excellent, also. Read More

  • 5 They made me appear so young. They made me start back having fun! The girls started back asking me for a date, but I had to tell them its too late, because I already have a mate. The new hair at 70 years old took me back in the day, when I was so confident and bold. Thanks for the accolades, that all of you gave, because I now really do feel and act so young. Read More

  • 5 Once I joined Hair Club. I immediately felt 20 years younger! I kept checking myself out in the mirror - Tim B. Read More

  • 4.5 Been a client for years. I would recommend this to anyone interested. Rhonda is fantastic. She is extremely professional and entertaining! : ) Tony Read More

  • 5 i've been to this center a few times when i visit a client corp. here. i've never had a problem with them and the service was fantastic. Read More

  • 5 Outstanding staff and and service Read More

  • 5 Rhonda is terrific!. If you are even thinking about hair loss PLEASE come talk to Bob or Rhonda. This place changed my life! You will not be disappointed! They will work with you to get a price you can afford and the results are awesome! Read More

  • 5 This place is awesome. I highly recommend them to anyone who has hair loss. The manager is professiional and does not try to sale you on anything you do not need. Rhonda one of the stylists is great. She does a good job and helps you in anyway that she can. Actually the entire staff is professional. -Thomas J. Read More

  • 5 This place is awsome. This place is awesome. The staff is friendly and helps you everyway that they can. Rhonda the stylist goes out of her way to help you as well. The product is not that expensive and they have different plans. I highly recommend them… -T.V. Read More

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