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Can You Prevent Hair Loss?

Early adopters want to know if there is a way to prevent hair loss and preserve the hair they have. And does HairClub offer such a solution?

“You absolutely can help slow hair loss,” says HairClub medical advisor Dr. Angie Phipps, a board-certified hair restoration surgeon and star of TLC’s hit television show ‘Bad Hair Day’ featuring real people desperately seeking help with hair loss.

Dr. Phipps recommends HairClub’s EXT Extreme Hair Therapy® to both slow hair loss and help regrow hair during the early stages of hair loss.

“EXT works to possibly help regrow hair and prevent further loss by stimulating the hair follicle cells to become stronger – if the cells of the hair follicles are stronger, they live longer and have the potential to produce thicker diameter hair shafts, and thicker hair shafts cover more scalp than thinner hair shafts,” says Dr. Phipps, who practices with Bosley, the surgical hair restoration partner within the HairClub family in Raleigh, NC.

Most helpful in the early stages of hair loss or before hair loss occurs, EXT is a powerful bundle of premium hair regrowth products, in-center and at-home solutions. EXT includes FDA-cleared low-level laser light therapy and scalp massage to stimulate blood flow to the scalp,

An EXT consultation at HairClub begins with TrichoView imaging, which provides a magnified view of hair loss versus what the naked eye sees in the mirror every day. This painless process enables HairClub Hair Health Experts to observe your stages and types of hair loss, projecting the magnification onto a screen for you to see.

If you are a candidate for EXT, your HairClub’s Hair Health Expert will prepare a tailored EXT solution for you, including scalp cleanser, elixir, laser hair therapy and scalp massager to stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Hair regrowth depends on a healthy scalp and each of these are important components of the EXT solution.

HairClub Members who chose EXT also receive a six-step system to use at home, including shampoo, cleanser, conditioner, supplements, scalp massager and rejuvenating product containing Minoxidil, the FDA-approved topical hair regrowth ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair.

In follow-up visits every month, Hair Health Experts digitally track hair regrowth progress in real time using TrichoView.

“The main objective with medical therapy in hair loss is to stimulate and stabilize any hair follicle cells that may be weakened,” said Dr. Phipps.

Hair loss happens over time, and so does hair regrowth. It takes time to try and re-stimulate hair growth and see visible improvement, but there is also the component of stabilizing the stage and rate of hair loss, so that it doesn’t continue to worsen.

“I tell my patients that without surgical intervention, if they only do medical therapy like HairClub’s EXT Extreme Hair Therapy, and I see you after one year of treatment and you don’t notice any visible improvement, that the therapy is still working,” she says. “Because the loss has stabilized and hasn’t gotten progressively worse or thinner – so keep doing the medical therapy – it is working.”

EXT is also effective to help prevent hair loss or delay it.

“Therapies in EXT, such as topical minoxidil, low level light therapy, and stimulatory hair care products like the scalp massager, can help prevent the possibility of developing hair thinning given a family history of hair loss,” says Dr. Phipps. “The minoxidil topical and low-level light therapy in HairClub’s EXT solution can begin at the age of 18, maybe slightly earlier with parental consent.”

Daily maintenance is important to prevent hair loss from environmental factors like traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is a leading cause of premature hair loss, which more commonly occurs in girls due to excess styling and pulling.

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