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Take Control of Your Hair Loss

Get the natural-looking hair restoration results you want. Our dedicated hair restoration experts will customize a solution to fit your individual hair loss needs and budget at our discreet location in Las Vegas. Whether your hair loss concerns are big or small, old or new, we guarantee that no matter the solution you choose, you’ll be satisfied with the look and feel of your new hair.

Why Hair Club Las Vegas?

  • We’re committed. We put your needs before anything else. We want you to feel confident and comfortable.
  • We’re friendly. We maintain personable, professional relationships with our clients.
  • We have a great team. Our skilled staff members work together to provide you the best possible results.

Hair Club Las Vegas BBB Honor Roll

Recognized Customer Service. Hair Club Las Vegas is a Better Business Bureau Honor Roll Member for 2013. We received the honor for maintaining a complaint free status with the Better Business Bureau from January through December 2013. 

We know that you’re busy. That’s why in addition to standard hours, we’re open late weeknights and weekends for your convenience. Don’t worry—we’re sensitive to your privacy—our hair restoration center is unmarked in a professional space to ensure your experience is convenient and confidential.

Get Your Hair Back...Look And Feel Your Best

While most hair restoration companies offer a one-size-fits-all treatment, Hair Club’s 40+ years in the hair loss industry has allowed us to develop safe and effective hair restoration solutions that can be customized especially for you.

Schedule your consultation now or give us a call to learn more about our proven hair loss solutions.

We're here for your hair

Backed by 40 years of research, the experts in Las Vegas are committed to your satisfaction, while fully taking care of your hair loss problem.

  • Safe, effective solutions customized for any hair type or hair loss level
  • Certified experts invested in your hair transformation
  • Flawless, undetectable results
  • Private location in unmarked professional space
  • Late weeknight and weekend operating hours
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • FREE diagnostic Hair Analysis

Still have questions or concerns? That's OK! A Hair Loss Expert is available to you for FREE. All you have to do is come in. Check availability.

5 Reviews
Jun 19
- Service and staff are outstanding! Really True! I have been a member for years due to their support. The team always makes things right, they offer options, financial assistance in hard times, and always squeeze me in for appointments if an issue arises. These folks are super attentive to details, and the facilities are comfortable and relaxing. Stylists are all great and caring, with clients interests in mind.
5 Reviews
Nov 22
- They are the best - I am a business man that travels all over the world and they have gone beyond the call to help me out.
5 Reviews
Nov 06
- Everyone in the office is extremely professional.
5 Reviews
Oct 30
- I believe the staff was very knowledgeable and friendly.
5 Reviews
Oct 23
- I have been a member of Hair Club for over 10 years. In the last couple of months my family and I have been going through a transition and we were facing a difficult financial situation. I met with Jeanette and she really listened and sought to understand our situation. We were able to work out a plan and made it a win/win. HCM treats its clients like family and the Las Vegas office has a management staff that truly CARES about every client.
5 Reviews
Oct 19
- All of my experiences are very positive
5 Reviews
Sep 19
- I would recommend Hair Club. Product & Services are very good, overall price is a little high.
4 Reviews
Sep 08
- I've been a member for about 2 years. The Nevada staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, skilled, and customer service oriented. The results are great. The consultants and stylists truly care. And the front desk is very accommodating in setting ongoing appointments.
4 Reviews
Sep 08
- I am happy with how things are turning out. The quality of the product exceeded my expectations.
5 Reviews
Aug 11
- I didn't really know anything about the service until I called in to follow up and ask some question. But they were all pretty nice.
4 Reviews
Aug 10
- They were very professional and very up-front about everything.
5 Reviews
Jun 20
- I been a client for 5 years now and i been very pleased of the entire staff and service i receive.
5 Reviews
Aug 07
- I was embarrassed. I used to feel like all people saw was my bald spot. Now I feel like they see me - and it feels great! - Charles B.
5 Reviews
Sep 29
- i've been very pleased with the level of service with hair club.
5 Reviews
Jun 02
- Been a client for over 5 years now since I've moved and the service, friendliness, professionalism and the overall quality is SUPERB! I have been a client from Toronto to Buffalo and they do not even compare! Businesses in Las Vegas should take notice that GREAT customer service is key and Hair Club has got that down to a science! Thank you Hair Club! -Jim S.
5 Reviews
Feb 01
- you'd buy hair online?. I have been a client for sixteen years. I'm please with the service I received from the staff. I have no regrets about becoming a member of Hair Club.-GLEN