Success Stories

How EXT® Client Brooke J. Got Her Hair Back


Hair Club client, Brooke J. has never had a bald spot. But her hair has always been thin, and when she was just 16, even combing it the wrong way made her think she was balding.

As a young girl, she often felt embarrassed and insecure about her hair. She spent much of her time in the bathroom styling and restyling her hair to get what she called perfect “Barbie” hair. When she reached her 20s, she started to experience hair loss, making her thin hair look even thinner.

“I had just gotten married and was supposed to be in the ‘honeymoon phase,’ with all the excitement. And, I woke up one morning and I noticed there was a lot of hair on my pillow, and in the drain, I saw a lot of my hair coming out. Then, when I was styling my hair, I noticed I could see a lot more of my scalp. I thought maybe it's just stress; maybe it's just a phase,” she said.

But it wasn’t just a phase, and Brooke’s hair loss began to take a toll on her emotionally. She worked in the fashion industry where her focus was on making people look their best, and she always felt like she had to look equally amazing—but it was a challenge. She describes that period of her life as being stressful, horrific and exhausting.

Desperate to find a solution, she searched websites, magazines and even TV shows in hopes of finding something that would work. She tried vitamins and special shampoos and products that promised to give her thicker hair. But nothing worked the way she’d hoped.

Then she heard about Hair Club’s EXT Extreme Hair Therapy®. Without hesitation, she made her way straight to Hair Club. She found the EXT products easy to incorporate into her daily routine. In just a few weeks she could see it working, and by the sixth month, she noticed a significant difference around her hairline and on the sides of her head.

After a lifetime of struggle, Brooke finally started to feel the freedom of having fuller hair. “I am overjoyed with having my hair back. I don’t have to hide my face, I don’t have to hide my forehead. I feel self-confident and have good hair days,” she said±.

Brooke said her friends and family are equally impressed with her results. Her mother regularly compliments her, and says it looks like she has a whole new head of hair.

“If I could say something to any woman who's suffering with hair loss, who feels insecure, who feels overwhelmed, it would be that you’re not alone,” she said. “I would say don’t give up. There’s hope, and there are answers. And, Hair Club is most definitely the answer.”

Are you ready to start experiencing life with thicker, fuller hair? Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our hair loss experts today, and learn which of our proven hair restoration solutions is best for you.

±Hair regrowth achieved with use of Minoxidil, the only FDA-approved ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair and slow further loss.