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How Hair Club Client Aisha B. Beat Hair Loss with EXT®


When Aisha’s hair started thinning about 10 years ago, she didn’t think much about it. At first, she noticed a few extra strands of hair falling out. But as her hair loss progressed, she began seeing handfuls of hair coming out with every shampoo. By the time she was 32 years old, her hair loss had become so obvious that it started to affect her self-esteem.

“To an African-American woman or a woman of color in general, our hair is our beauty, our hair is our strength and our hair tells a story,” said Aisha. “We take pride in who we are as women through our hair.”

DIY Hair Loss Remedies Didn’t Work

Aisha tried everything she could think of to combat thinning hair, including homemade concoctions of mayonnaise, honey and peanut butter. She was desperate to hold on to her sense of beauty. But ultimately, her efforts just created more stress and did nothing to help her hair loss.

“Being under 50 and balding as a female was horrible,” said Aisha. “I didn’t feel confident in my everyday life.”

She eventually started wearing wigs to hide her hair loss, but they didn’t give her the results she wanted. “Wearing a wig is nothing like having your own hair,” said Aisha. Her hair loss affected her so deeply that she even stopped dating. “I didn’t feel like any man would want to date me because I was 32 and losing my hair.”

EXT Offers Hope to Women with Hair Loss

By the time Aisha heard about Hair Club’s EXT Extreme Hair Therapy® program, she had lost all hope. But, she decided she didn’t have anything to lose, so she started the program in 2017. After just a few months, she noticed hairs starting to grow back in. Within six months, she had a fuller hairline. She was finally comfortable enough to leave her house without a wig, and she felt like her life had completely changed.

“The way I look now is far beyond what I expected—it’s amazing,” said Aisha. “Having my hair back makes me feel happy again. Another boundary in life has been lifted, so now I’m able to just be myself completely.”

Don’t waste your time trying other stuff—get EXT and let it work for you!

Get Your Hair Back with EXT

Aisha is so pleased with her results that she wants to share her experience with other women who are losing their hair. “Don’t waste your time trying other stuff—get EXT and let it work for you,” said Aisha. “It will change your life!”

If hair loss is keeping you from living life to the fullest, Hair Club can help. Our proven solutions can help anyone, at any age, with any level of hair loss. Since 1976, we’ve helped more than 600,000 clients restore their hair and transform their lives. Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our hair loss experts today and find out how we can help you, too.