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How Modern Hair Systems Work

Modern hair systems have come a long way. A cranium covered in luscious locks has long been regarded as a display of youth and vitality. And for just as long, we have tried to conceal our baldness.

The Bible framed the narrative that Delilah coaxed Samson’s to reveal the secret to his strength was his long hair. As the story goes, Delilah secretly cut Samson’s hair while he slept. With his new cropped do, the Philistine men could now gouge his eyes out and imprison him. Not nice, Delilah.

Julius Caesar sported a toupee before relying on his trademark wreath to obscure his diminishing hairline.

At the turn of the seventeenth century, the term bigwig was coined when King Louis XIV and his cousin, King Charles II commissioned dozens of wig makers to fashion their powdered perukes to conceal their thinning crowns. Well, that and to hide their syphilis related bald patches and lesions. This sparked a century-long trend among commoners who perceived these poufy wigs as a symbol of high status.

George Washington’s mop was indeed his own. Yet, the next four US presidents donned coiffed headdresses.

Cut to the twenty-first century. While many hair styles have come and (thankfully) gone, science has learned the root causes of hair loss. Similarly, we have made tremendous strides on our journey to regain full, healthy hair. There are now a variety of modern hair systems people are proud to wear.

What is a hair system?

A hair system is created using human or synthetic hair hand-woven onto a particular base of material such as lace. The base is then adhered to the individual’s head with the preferred method of attachment (tape or adhesive) and cut and blended to make it undetectable.

What is a hair system made of?

The modern hair systems today use two materials to construct the bases: mesh fabric or polymers.

Mesh Fabric

Mesh is typically made of polyester or nylon and is usually used to build the hairline of a good product. They can be used throughout the entire system, providing a natural, life-like appearance. However, mesh fabric is not feasible for long-term use.

  • The hairline is natural and untraceable.
  • Material is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.
  • More pricey
  • Very delicate and less durable
  • Needs to be replaced more frequently


Polymers are made of silicone or polyurethane and are used to create a material that mimics the appearance of skin. Hair restoration systems that use polymers tend to be more robust.

  • Can be less costly than meshes
  • Highly durable
  • Easy attachment
  • Can be extremely hot and uncomfortable
  • Has a less natural look, unless the hairline is made of lace

What is the hair in a hair system like?

The hair in a modern hair system is customized to match your precise hair color, texture, natural curl or wave, as well as density.

What can you do while wearing a modern hair system?

There are very few limitations while wearing a modern hair system if they have the proper adhesive. In fact, you can shower, sleep, exercise, swim, cut, style, and color your hair as if it were your own naturally growing hair. In other words, you can essentially live your life as you would without it.

How long will your hair system last?

It’s difficult to predict how long your hair system will last. It depends on many factors, including the base material and how you care for your system. There are a few things you can do to extend the life of your hair system:

  • Avoid hot water, blow-dryers, and shampoos with harsh ingredients
  • Use a satin pillowcase to minimize friction
  • Try not to overdo it on products
  • Avoid hair care products that contain alcohol
  • Use conditioner every time you shampoo.
  • Similarly, there are several factors that can cause your hair system to decline more quickly
  • Treating it roughly
  • Brushing too hard or too often
  • Brushing hair when wet
  • Using harsh shampoos
  • Shampooing too often
  • Allowing products to build up
  • Overly chlorinated pools

How do HairClub’s hair systems work?

HairClub’s advanced hair restoration solution, Xtrands+®offers people with moderate to advanced hair loss the opportunity to significantly change their appearance. However, anyone can wear a hair system regardless of their age, hair type, or degree of hair loss. First, your hair will be examined to determine where additional hair needs to be placed to create a fuller appearance.

Hair that matches your precise color, texture, curl pattern and density is added into a virtually invisible base layer that breathes like skin. The hair is placed in the angle and direction of your own hair growth. The new hair is secured to the scalp using a medical-grade adhesive and seamlessly blended with your existing hair. Your hair is then cut, shaped, and styled to achieve your desired look. Hundreds of thousands of people across North America have taken advantage of this proven solution to restore their hair.

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