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When HairClub founder Sy Sperling launched the company 46 years ago, he envisioned a place where people could find advanced hair loss solutions and compassionate support. As a 26-year-old man struggling with hair loss, Mr. Sperling sought help, but he found limited options.

In what would become an epic decision to write a new story about hair loss solutions, Mr. Sperling’s vision became the HairClub we know today. More than 600,000 Members later, his ‘club’ is the leading provider of premium hair loss solutions in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

HairClub Custom Hair Loss Solutions for All Types of Hair Loss

HairClub has become an innovator in the hair health and wellness industry through pioneering technological and biological advancements. Today, HairClub has grown to be the leading provider of hair loss solutions in North America, with 121 brick-and-mortar HairClub Centers. 

Hundreds of Hair Health Experts are the top of an elite group of trained hair loss professionals. Unlike at a typical beauty salon, HairClub professionals receive specialized hair loss and solutions training. No one else in the industry can do what they do or know more about hair loss solutions.

HairClub is the preferred standalone source for all hair loss solutions, featuring EXT Extreme Hair Therapy® to regrow hair in the stages of early hair loss and non-surgical options like Xtrands+® total hair replacement system. Hair loss is no match for HairClub – we have seen every type of hair loss and at every stage, from the very beginning stages of thinning hair to total hair loss – and we have a solution for all.

HairClub Community: Experts, Empathy and Shared Experiences

Privacy and dignity are hallmarks of the HairClub experience and each Member’s journey is uniquely their own. An added bonus is the support, understanding and empathy every Member receives from each HairClub Center. Like a port in the storm of hair loss, when Members arrive at HairClub, they find hope, answers and everything they need to get their hair back.

There is power in being around others with shared experiences. In addition to our custom hair loss options, many of our Hair Health Experts are also HairClub Members who have found solutions for their own hair loss at HairClub. They understand and empathize.

Hair loss is stressful. It can even be the cause of symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Hair loss can lead sufferers to feel isolated and lose interest in favorite activities.  Because HairClub nourishes relationships between HairClub Members and Hair Health Experts, Members feel encouraged every step of the way.

From in-center leadership to the call center, HairClub is a club of cheerleaders, problem solvers, hand-holders, listeners, and changemakers. No HairClub Member has to face hair loss alone.

Nothing we say can compare to the first-person testimonials from HairClub Members about what  HairClub means to them. We invite you to visit our HairClub YouTube channel to learn more about what HairClub can do for you.

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For men, women, and children, for anyone ready to overcome hair loss, there is no time like right now to visit HairClub. Your first visit is completely free. You’ll be welcomed into our very special club with no obligation.

Schedule a free consultation today and discover why more than half a million Members have chosen HairClub for their hair loss needs!

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