Pictured above: Will J. | Xtrands+® Client. Results may vary.

When Will was in his early 40s, he began to notice his hairline receding. With each passing day, it became clear he was losing his youthful appearance. Though Will was determined to remain positive, navigating a recent divorce and losing his hair dampened his efforts to find love and happiness again.

Before long, Will’s hair loss spread to the top of his head, prompting his hair dresser at the time to suggest he seek expert advice. It was time for Will to take control of his hair loss and regain his confidence.

New to HairClub, Will was apprehensive. Would HairClub be able to help? Had he waited too long? He took the next step to find out and booked a free consultation at his local HairClub center. After meeting with his image consultant and learning the options available to him, Will  instantly regretted waiting so long to engage HairClub. Will and his Image consultant decided that Xtrands+® was the best hair system for him.

Will’s second visit was with his HairClub expert stylist. She asked, “Will, would you like to walk out today with a full head of hair?” Overwhelmed with excitement and eager to proceed, his answer was a resounding, “Yes!”

HairClubis known for dramatic transformations. And Will was no exception. After his stylist applied his new Xtrands+® hair system, Will looked in the mirror and saw a younger man gazing back at him. He felt 25 again, amazed at the speed and ease of his Xtrands+® transformation. If only he’d made the decision sooner.

With his new hair came Will’s new found confidence. It enabled Will to find the love of his life and he is happily engaged. When Will’s close family and friends look at him now, they see a man who looks ten years younger.

“I’m so thankful for the staff at HairClub,” Will says. “They treat everyone like extended family, cheering you on in celebration when you leave the center after you receive your hair.”

For more than four decades, HairClub has been helping clients like Will — and like you — get their hair back. Schedule your free consultation to learn about your level of hair loss and scalp condition, so we can provide the perfect HairClub solution for you.

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