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Receding Hairline is Male Pattern Baldness

Among the most obvious signs of male pattern baldness, a receding hairline can be a source of insecurity for many men. It is in fact male pattern hair loss, around the hairline where the pattern begins. Not all male hair loss is local to that area of the hair, though it represents a majority of hair loss cases in men.

At HairClub, our Hair Health Specialists receive special training to understand each type of hair loss and provide a custom solution to match it, including male pattern baldness. 

No one knows better than Tiffany Dew of the Raleigh HairClub Center about the life-changing power of Xtrands+, a full coverage, hair replacement system from HairClub. She is a recognized expert in HairClub’s Xtrands+ non-surgical hair replacement solution. After showcasing her knowledge and experience on the TLC hit show ‘Bad Hair Day’, Dew’s Xtrands+ skills were in high demand. On the show and every day at HairClub, her custom matches Xtrands+ for Clients to create a seamless transition between the hair system and a Client’s own naturally growing hair. 

“In the early stages of a receding hairline, we can try EXT Extreme Hair Therapy first, but when a Client has advanced hair loss and hair regrowth isn’t possible, HairClub offers Xtrands+, which has a skin-like base with hair attached to it,” says Dew. “Xtrands+ mimics your own hair, with a part and movement, just like your natural growing hair.”

Xtrands+ bonds to the scalp with a medical-grade adhesive, so Xtrands+ Client can resume their favorite activities, including swimming and hair care maintenance, like shampooing and styling. A HairClub Client may want Xtrands+ just across the hairline, or broader coverage for fuller, thicker hair. Xtrands+ is a fully customized hair replacement system for that reason.  

“Each Xtrands+ system is custom ordered, and we match the skin tone, color and texture so no one can see where HairClub’s Xtrands+ system stops and natural growing hair begins,” says Dew. “Even when we’re working with a challenging horseshoe pattern, we create a template so the Xtrands+ hair system is in the shape of the area to be filled in.”

Some individuals experience their hair loss in the crown, middle or diffusely over the entire top of the head. Xtrands+ solution is for use anywhere on the head to help with hair loss.

While it is possible to regrow hair in the very early stages, much depends on the type of hair loss someone experiences and how far along in that journey they may be. The most common cause of a receding hairline is the aforementioned male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. This type of hair loss is caused by genetics. Another component is when receptors in the scalp block important nutrients from entering the follicles, weakening them over time until they stop producing full strands of hair. 

Expect receding hairlines to worsen with stress, poor nutrition, age, certain medications and medical conditions, such as COVID 19. Stress has long been linked to hair loss due to the hormone connection. Poor nutrition can contribute due to weakened follicles from a lack of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy hair growth. Age has its own role to play as our bodies naturally produce fewer hormones, like testosterone. Certain medications and conditions can also disrupt hormone levels in the body, leading to hair loss. 

Each person’s receding hairline is unique. Meet with a HairClub Hair Health Expert to take your first step toward a hair system like Xtrands+ for full coverage, or EXT Extreme Hair Therapy for regrowth for early hair loss. Schedule a free consultation at one of 100+ HairClub Centers near you.

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