Dry, damaged hair can ruin even the best haircut, yet many men and women skip the hair conditioner after they shampoo. Some people think conditioner will weigh their hair down, while others believe they don’t need conditioner because their hair is too short, thin or oily. The truth is conditioning after you shampoo is essential to having healthy, shiny hair. Conditioner smooths the hair cuticle and adds body.

Avoiding conditioner makes your hair more prone to breakage, which can lead to the appearance of thinning hair. If you use hot styling tools on hair that hasn’t been conditioned, the likelihood of damage only increases. The result may be parched, lifeless hair that’s impossible to style.

If you want silky, smooth and healthy hair, ask your stylist to recommend the best conditioner for your hair type. Condition after every shampoo—three to four times a week for fine hair, daily for dry or damaged hair.

No matter the type, texture or length of your locks, conditioning on a regular basis can improve the look and feel of your hair. Coloring, harsh styling practices and certain environmental factors can all rob your hair of nutrients, leaving it dry, brittle and limp. Conditioning helps restore your hair and protect it from damage.

Still skeptical? Here are four important reasons to make conditioner your hair’s best friend:

1. Hydration is Important:

Just like you moisturize the skin on your face and body, you should moisturize your hair with conditioner. Lathering on a moisturizing conditioner for hair can help seal the cuticle, minimize frizz and increase the appearance of fullness and volume.

2. Hair Needs Protection:

Chemically treated hair and hot styling tools tend to dry your hair. Regular conditioning helps protect your locks from the damage blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons can cause. Good hair conditioners with UV protection shield your strands from the sun’s harmful rays and reduce color fading.

3. Say Goodbye to Tangles:

Conditioning regularly makes combing through knots and snags less painful. When hair has been conditioned, it’s easier to detangle damp strands without damaging the cuticle. Your hair will be softer and smoother, making it easier to brush and style.

4. Increase Elasticity and Shine:

When your hair is dry and damaged, brittle strands may break off. Conditioning nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft to improve elasticity. When your hair is healthy and smooth, it will have a more natural luster—and take less time to style!

Try conditioning your hair every time you shampoo and enjoy a healthier looking and more manageable head of hair. To add fullness and thickness to your hair, explore our proven hair loss solutions. Schedule your complimentary consultation today and get started on a solution that will give you the hair you’ve always wanted.

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