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Xtrands+® is HairClub’s Premium, Custom Hair Replacement System

All About Xtrands+

Xtrands+® is a premium hair loss solution that looks and functions just like naturally growing hair. Xtrands+ provides full coverage, no matter how much hair you’ve lost. The benefits of having an Xtrands+ hair replacement system are numerous, including customization that makes Xtrands+ famous for functioning just like your naturally growing hair.

Just as there isn’t only one hair solution or hair replacement system for everyone, there are many types of Xtrands+. They range from coverage of the hair to the type of base you choose, and whether you want to care for your Xtrands+ hair system at home or visit HairClub® more often. Each of these elements help your HairClub Hair Health Experts fully tailor each Xtrands+ to each HairClub Client’s lifestyle and budget.

As with all other HairClub solutions, you have options. We’ll create a head of hair that looks natural and that you can maintain and enjoy.

Xtrands+ has a base layer that breathes like skin. The thinner the base, the higher the price point, but the same quality of artistry goes into every Xtrands+ hair system. It is the painstaking work that goes into creating the custom hair to match your own naturally growing hair that makes Xtrands+ a premium hair loss solution.

Even the cost of an Xtrands+ system is customized for our HairClub Clients. You have choices in the type of Xtrands+ system you choose. And we can give you the means and the knowledge to take care of your Xtrands+ hair at home, or you can return to your HairClub Center for all of your Xtrands+ care.

It’s important to follow HairClub instructions, including which products you use. HairClub products are formulated to match our solutions – they are extensively tested to work on naturally growing hair, non-growing hair systems, and compatible with tape adhesive and polymers. Over-the-counter products can cause adhesives to prematurely break down and these products are often diluted and beyond their sell-by date. Adhering to your HairClub regimen, you’ll know when you get HairClub products from us, they will not negatively impact your natural or Xtrands+ hair.

Beginning Your Xtrands+ Hair Replacement System Transformation

On your first consultation, your Hair Health Expert will conduct a scalp analysis using HairClub’s proprietary imaging system called TrichoView. They will measure your scalp and carefully match your hair’s exact color, texture, curl pattern and density to your new Xtrands+ hair. And because Xtrands+ is a completely custom, premium hair loss solution, your Hair Health Expert will special order your new Xtrands+ hair system for your next visit.

Your Xtrands+ hair system will be unique to your hairline, crafted especially for you. We base Xtrands+ on measurements and your style preferences, not guesswork. This highly customized approach is why Xtrands+ and other HairClub solutions look and function within your lifestyle.

“In the early stages of a receding hairline, we can try EXT Extreme Hair Therapy® first, but when a Client has advanced hair loss and hair regrowth isn’t possible, HairClub offers Xtrands+, which has a skin-like base with hair attached to it,” says Dew. “Xtrands+ mimics your own hair, with a part and movement, just like your naturally growing hair.”

Xtrands+ bonds to the scalp with a medical-grade adhesive, so Xtrands+ Client can resume their favorite activities, including swimming and hair care maintenance like shampooing and styling. Whether a HairClub Client elects to apply Xtrands+ only across the hairline, or chooses a fuller, thicker hair replacement system for more coverage, Xtrands+ is fully customized for that purpose.

“We match Xtrands+ to skin tone, hair color and texture so no one can see where HairClub’s Xtrands+ system stops and naturally growing hair begins,” says Dew. “Even when we’re working with a challenging horseshoe pattern, we create a template so the Xtrands+ hair system is in the shape of the area to be filled in.”

Some individuals experience their hair loss in the crown, middle or diffusely over the entire top of the head. Xtrands+ solution is for use anywhere on the head to help with hair loss.

The sooner you book your free consultation, the sooner you can begin your own Xtrands+ journey toward a full head of hair. Contact us today to schedule your consultation at one of our 121 HairClub Centers near you.

Hear From Our Clients

HairClub has a hair loss solution for every age and stage of hair loss. For advanced hair loss, one solution has HairClub Clients singing the praises of Xtrands+, HairClub’s transformative full hair replacement system.


“When I first went to HairClub and got my Xtrands+ hair applied, I will never forget that moment. I was amazed. I found it empowering, knowing HairClub was able to give me the hair of my dreams.”


“Xtrands+ allows me to do the things I love most, like driving my convertible with the top down. It functions just like my natural hair.”


“After battling cancer procedures, I lost my hair and my confidence. I was limited in my activities and the places I wanted to go. My Xtrands+ hair is so natural and of the highest quality, I feel no limitations. Because of HairClub, I came from a place of sadness to a place of happiness, confidence and love for myself that I even changed my clothing style, started exercising and became more fit. The hair is so natural, high quality and feels so good. When I say I love HairClub, I mean it from the heart.”

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