FUT Hair Transplant - Follicular Unit Transplantation**

If you want fuller, thicker hair you can truly call your own, Follicular Unit Transplantation might be a great option for your hair restoration. FUT transplants provide maximum hair density through an out-patient procedure. Surgical hair restoration is the only way to permanently restore your own hair. HairClub will help you find out if surgical hair restoration is right for you.

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What is the FUT Procedure?

In order to determine your candidacy for FUT**, a physician needs to examine your hair. If you’re a good candidate for this type of outpatient surgery, your procedure will be scheduled with a room reservation fee. A physician will review the process with you, step-by-step, and answer any questions you have.

The FUT procedure involves the physician numbing the scalp, then extracting a strip of tissue containing multiple follicular units from the back and/or sides of your head. Next, the strip of tissue is dissected into individual units of 1-4 hairs by specially-trained technicians, under the supervision of a physician, for transplantation to your thinning areas.

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Results may vary.

Drawing on their skill, artistry and training, the physician creates small incisions in your scalp where you want more hair. These incisions are called recipient sites and they’re carefully chosen to give you optimal results. The individual follicular units are placed into the recipient sites in the same direction and growth pattern of your hair to ensure seamless blending. In addition, follicular units containing 1-2 hairs are placed in the front, toward your hairline, while the units with 3-4 hairs are placed on the top of your head and at the crown so you have a natural-looking pattern of density and thickness.

FUT can often be completed in less time than other surgical hair restoration techniques depending on the number of grafts you need or want. This procedure also offers the ability to harvest a larger number of grafts, which can give you more coverage.

Good to Know

A follicular unit transplant only takes one day to complete because is an outpatient procedure.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) offers:

  • Permanent, natural-looking results
  • Maximum coverage
  • Suitability for all hair types
  • High success rates

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Only a medical professional can diagnose the type of hair loss you have, and that’s an important consideration in determining your candidacy. Typically, men experiencing genetic hair loss make the best candidates for FUT, but the procedure may also work for women. It’s also critical to have your hair loss examined by a physician to ensure you have enough healthy donor hair actively growing on the back and the sides of your head for a successful procedure. Often, men are better candidates than women for FUT because of their predictable pattern of hair loss. If you’re between stages I-IV on the Hamilton-Norwood Scale of men’s hair loss, you’re likely a good candidate for FUT. Schedule your consultation today to determine your candidacy.

FUT is a one-day outpatient procedure, meaning you’ll go home the same day as your surgery. Typically, your FUT procedure would take between 3-8 hours, depending on the number of grafts you want or need. Many patients return to work or their everyday activities after 1-2 days, with minimal restrictions. Some redness and minor swelling may occur right after the procedure, but will subside within a few days to a week.

You’ll consult with your physician prior to your FUT surgery to answer any questions you may have and review your expectations. Photos will be taken and the physician may use a surgical pen to mark your scalp.

After your surgery, the physician will examine your results and provide post-operative instructions. Pain medication is available based on your personal level of comfort. Immediately after surgery, your scalp may be slightly red or swollen, but that will diminish in a matter of days. You’ll likely have some scabbing as your skin heals, like you would with any other minor cut, and you may experience some itching. For the vast majority of FUT patients, scarring is minimal and easily covered by the hair growing above and around the scar.

In 3-4 months, you can expect to see your newly transplanted hair starting to grow, based on the normal hair growth cycle. You can expect full results 9-12 months after your surgery.

The affiliated physicians of the Bosley Medical Group are specialists in hair transplantation. They provide industry-leading surgical hair restoration, tailored to your specific hair loss needs. Bosley physicians have years of invaluable experience, as well as extensive medical education and training. Using cutting-edge technologies and the latest techniques, they’ve performed successful hair transplants for thousands of patients. 

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How much a hair transplant procedure costs depends on how much coverage you want. In other words, your level of hair loss is a key factor in determining what your investment will be. Typically, the price of surgical hair restoration is based on a ‘cost per graft’ basis, which will be determined by your physician. The normal price range you can expect to pay for an FUT procedure is between $4,000 and $12,000. In time, you may also want to plan on getting another procedure for additional coverage. Financing± options and payment plans are available for your convenience.


**Professional hair transplantation services provided by the affiliated physicians of Bosley Medical Group. Please note that no procedures are performed at Bosley® until the patient has been examined, diagnosed and accepted for treatment by a Bosley physician. Results may vary.

±Financing is subject to credit approval. Monthly payments will vary from lender to lender based upon the amount financed, the terms for which you apply, and your credit standing. Additional terms and conditions may apply depending on the lender selected. Financing is provided by independent finance lenders, and the lenders independently approve the financing and its terms and conditions. Financing for surgery will only be funded after the patient has been accepted for treatment by a Bosley physician.

Professional services provided by the affiliated physicians of the Bosley Medical Group. Bosley physicians are available only at Bosley Surgical Offices. Candidacy for hair restoration can only be determined by a Bosley physician upon examination, diagnosis and prescription of a treatment plan. Your Bosley physician will determine if you are a candidate for hair restoration and will recommend the optimal number of grafts to achieve your individual hair restoration goals. Not all patients can achieve the results described here. The statements do not constitute a warranty or prediction of the outcome of your individual hair restoration. Individual results may vary. You may require more than one procedure to achieve your desired results. Ask your Bosley physician during your free consultation about your individual case.

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