Add instant fullness to thinning hair for natural results without surgery.

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Immediate Results for Long-Lasting Confidence

Xtrands is a non-surgical hair enhancement process that adds new hair fibers to your existing hairs. You’ll walk out with a total hair transformation in just one appointment!

Added Fullness

Ideal for those in the early stages of hair loss, Xtrands adds fullness and density.

Natural & Lightweight

This breakthrough technology is four times lighter than human hair—and virtually undetectable.

Instant Results

HairClub® Hair Health Experts carefully add Xtrands® hair to your own for a same-day transformation.

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†Get same day results at your first styling appointment.

How Xtrands Works

1. Color Match

First, your Hair Health Expert will examine your hair color to determine which blend of shades is the best match for you.

2. Xtrands Application

In thinning areas, your Hair Health Expert will carefully identify host hairs and use an application wand to knot 2-4 strands of Xtrands hair at the root.

3. Instant Volume

When hair is shampooed, the Xtrands hair separates into multiple stands for an immediate increase in density and volume.

4. Cut & Style

Your Hair Health Expert will finish by professionally cutting and styling your hair, along with the added hair, to ensure you love your new, fuller look.

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Xtrands® Membership

HairClub® services are an incredible value—not just because of what’s included in the price, but because of the life-changing results we consistently deliver. Here’s what’s included:

  • Free hair health consult with detailed analysis of current hair health

  • Personalized to match your natural texture and color

  • Cut and styled to suit your personal preferences

  • Professional guidance from our hair loss experts

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