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"Not having to put on a hat or hide is liberating. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me, so schedule your complimentary hair & scalp health analysis today."
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HairClub Changed My Life

"I thought I tried everything to restore my hair and almost gave up! I started to shave my head completely and accepted the fact that I was not going to have hair.

My hair loss made me extremely self-conscious. When I look at pictures, I can't believe that I went as long as I did without HairClub.

Now I have the confidence to wear a helmet all day, take it off and know that my hair looks great. It makes me feel amazing and that's the key!"

- Frankie Muniz
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our proprietary hair replacement system customized to seamlessly blend new and existing hair.
  • Custom-made hair that matches your color, texture, curl pattern and density exactly.
  • Xtrands+ creates fuller, thicker hair that is on an ultra-thin, nearly invisible layer that breathes like skin.
  • Creates the hair you instantly want, without surgery or waiting!
  • Consult with your personal hair health expert to discuss your new hair before cutting, shaping and styling to get your desired look!
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EXT Extreme Hair Therapy®

our EXT system prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth, while slowing down further hair loss.
  • Proven system that includes shampoo, cleanser, conditioner, supplements, and a rejuvenator formulated with FDA-approved Minoxidil.
  • Watch your regrowth in action with our state-of-the-art technology that sees and tracks your progress digitally.
  • Our hair health expert administers soothing scalp treatments and custom formulas, followed by an expert cut and styling to achieve the look you want!
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HairClub Member Testimonials

Marduk M.


“Having my hair back definitely makes me feel young again.”

Brent W.


“When I look at my hair now, there’s a night and day difference.”

Heather M.


“After finding HairClub, I immediately had a self esteem boost.”

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