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Maximize the Volume of Your Hair

Maximize the Volume of Your Hair

Maximize the Volume of Your Hair

Maximize the Volume of Your Hair



If you want thicker hair, instantly, HairClub offers Xtrands®. Xtrands is a volumizing solution that adds fullness and density to your thinning hair without surgery. Xtrands is ideal if you’re in the early stages of hair loss with either diffuse thinning, pronounced thinning around the part, or thinning at the crown.

Get same day results at your first styling appointment.

How does Xtrands® work?

  • Your stylist examines your hair color to determine which blend of shades is the best match for you.
  • In your thinning areas, your stylist sections your hair, and host hairs are carefully identified.
  • Using an application wand, your stylist knots strands of hair onto the base of each host hair at the root.
  • Because this additional hair is bound together in groupings of 2-4 strands, when your hair is shampooed, it separates into multiple strands for an immediate increase in density and volume.
  • Your stylist finishes by professionally cutting and styling your hair, along with the added hair, to ensure you love your new, fuller look.


At HairClub, we want you to be happy and comfortable.

That’s why we offer our commitment to satisfaction. 


HairClub has been featured in:

The Doctors
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