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Xtrands Gives Thinning Hair a Volume Boost

A Hair System that Gives You More Hair in Just One Styling Session

Xtrands is a non-surgical hair enhancement process that adds new hair fibers to your existing hair. Walk out feeling great with your amazing total hair transformation.

Still Not Sure Where to Start?

How Xtrands Works

Wondering what to expect? From your initial consultation to personalized treatment and ongoing care, your Hair Loss Specialist will guide you through the step-by-step process.
All along the way, you are in expert hands.
Here’s a quick overview.


Get Your Hair Assessment

Visit us for a complimentary, comprehensive hair assessment to determine if Xtrands is right for you, and we’ll tailor treatment for your needs.


Instantly See More Volume

We carefully match your hair shade and use an application wand to lock in 2-4 strands of Xtrands hair at the root. It’s so light you can’t tell it’s not your own. Voila! You’ll see an immediate increase in density and volume.


Ready for Styling

Now for the best part. Get your new hair cut and styled by a pro. Come back every 4-8 weeks for routine checkups and change your look as often as you wish. 

Come see a Hair Loss Specialist to find out which of our cutting-edge solutions is right for you.

See Some of Our Xtrands Results

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David F.
David F.

Hair Replacement | Xtrands®

Dave S.
Dave S.

Hair Replacement | Xtrands®

Tami W.
Tami W.

Hair Replacement | Xtrands®

Lori B.

Hair Replacement | Xtrands®

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HairClub FAQs

You’ll receive a comprehensive Hair Health Analysis that includes a visual examination of your scalp and hair with TrichoView®, our state-of-the-art imaging tool. Our Hair Loss Specialists will determine your stage and type of hair loss. Then, together, you can choose the best solutions that meet your lifestyle and budget. Your consultation is a valuable part of your journey towards getting the hair you want. It lasts approximately 45 min to one hour.

Because HairClub® solutions are entirely custom to your scalp and hair preference, your first visit is reserved for your hair health analysis and to discuss solutions. One of the reasons our hair systems look and function like naturally growing hair is because we carefully measure and match hair density, color, and texture to your own hair.

HairClub® celebrates all types of hair with solutions for everyone, no matter their age, ethnicity, hair type, or level of hair loss. We work with hair of every color, length, curl pattern, and texture. Because our team of Hair Loss Specialists is trained in hair loss, they appreciate and understand the care required to prevent traction alopecia, a common form of hair loss in Black hair. For every stage of hair loss, HairClub has a solution for every hair type. African American HairClub clients love Xtrands+®, our hair replacement system that functions like your naturally growing hair.

Since Sy Sperling founded HairClub® nearly 50 years ago, technology has replaced the antiquated ‘plugs’ once associated with hair loss solutions. Hair system bases are thinner and better quality, making hair systems far more undetectable than before.

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