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Joey Logano Leaves Hair Loss in the Dust

Celebrity Joey Logano - HairClub before and now portraits of Joey Logano - before showing his hair loss and now with his successful HairClub Xtrands+ solution.

Joey Logano Debuts New Hair After Alopecia Battle

The two-time NASCAR Cup champion was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder alopecia a few years ago after noticing bald spots on his head. He addressed his health diagnosis in several social media posts and said that his fans weren’t aware of his medical condition because he wears a helmet most of the time. Joey found a solution for his hair with the hair loss expert HairClub® and revealed his collaboration with the company. 

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We Talk Hair Loss with Joey Logano

Listen as Joey Logano shares his experience finding out about his hair loss, what he did about it, and how he feels now on his podcast about HairClub.

Celebrity Joey Logano - with a full head of hair, wearing a burgundy HairClub Cares t-shirt, and smiling about his HairClub Xtrands+ solution.

Race Toward a Solution with Xtrands+®

As a NASCAR driver, Joey likes to go fast. With Xtrands+ he got a natural-looking solution to hair loss, that looks and feels exactly like his own hair, in just one 
styling session.

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Joey Logano Wins Big with HairClub Racing

 From the start of race day to hoisting the cup, HairClub keeps Joey feeling like the champion he is.

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