“EXT has helped me feel like me again—it’s amazing.”

- Desiree S.

EXT® | Client since 2017


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Desiree's Progression with EXT®

Desiree side view baseline


Desiree side view 4 months

4 Months

Desiree side view 6 months

6 Months

Desiree back view baseline


Desiree back view 4 months

4 Months

Desiree back view 6 months

6 Months

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Desiree other view 4 months

4 Months

Desiree other view 6 months

6 Months

Desiree's Journey

As a personal trainer and coach, Desiree loves inspiring clients to live healthier lives. But when she was experiencing hair loss, she worried it sent the wrong impression about her own well-being. “I didn’t feel healthy,” said Desiree. “Here I was coaching and being fit, but feeling like my outside didn’t match my inside was depressing.” She tried different hair loss products on the market. She even asked her doctor and her hairstylist for suggestions, but nothing helped her hair loss. Desiree knew if she wanted to project confidence at work, she had to find a solution to her thinning hair.

Desiree's Before & After

A friend suggested Desiree give EXT Extreme Hair Therapy® a try. She signed up for the program and found the information and support she received at Hair Club very reassuring. “To see and understand the science of hair growth, that speaks volumes about the company.” After a few months of using the EXT products, her hair started growing. Now, Desiree is thankful to have her hair back. “Having my hair again makes me feel like I can be me again. I don’t have to hide or feel ashamed,” said Desiree. “I’m just so grateful.” Best of all, when she showed some of her clients her results from EXT, “they were astounded—and that was very cool!”

100% Commitment to Satisfaction


“At Hair Club®, we want you to be happy. That’s why we offer our commitment to satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your solution for any reason, you can apply your purchase price towards select solutions offered at your purchasing location.


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