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“Hair Club has given me back my sense of femininity and my confidence. I feel like a million bucks!”

- Fiona J.

Xtrands® | Client since 2016


Fiona portrait image from before Hair Club

Fiona's Journey

Fiona’s hair loss began in college with thinning and a widening part. By the time she reached her late 20s, Fiona’s hair loss had progressed so much that her scalp was visible. Like many women, Fiona was mortified and tried to keep her hair loss a secret. She was rarely caught without a hat and she avoided activities that might expose her thinning hair. Fiona tried thickening shampoos and wore different hairstyles, but “everything I was doing to camouflage my hair loss wasn’t working,” she said. “The breaking point came when even my future son-in-law commented on how sparse my hair had become. That was the final straw.”

Fiona's before and after image

Fiona J.  |  Xtrands® Client
Results may vary.

Fiona’s Before & After

Feeling like there was nothing to lose, Fiona scheduled a complimentary consultation with Hair Club. At her appointment, she learned about her level of hair loss and that she was a good candidate for Xtrands. When she went in for her first styling appointment, “I walked into the center with thin, fine hair and walked out with beautiful, thick hair,” said Fiona. Friends and family immediately noticed Fiona’s newfound joy—and her husband even told her she looked stunning. “Hair Club has given me back my sense of femininity and my confidence. I feel like a million bucks!”

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