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“It’s my hair. It’s a part of me."

- Harshil P.

Xtrands+® | Client since 2015


Harshil portrait photo from before Hair Club

Harshil's Journey

When successful entrepreneur Harshil noticed his hair thinning, he considered the effect it might have on his business. To Harshil, first impressions are vitally important, and he worried his receding hairline and thinning crown might stop him from projecting the confidence he needed to stay competitive. Harshil wanted a fast solution and was intrigued by the before-and-after photos of Hair Club clients he saw online. That’s when he decided to schedule his free consultation. “I decided to give Hair Club—and myself—a chance,” said Harshil.

Harshil's before and after photo

Harshil P.  |  Xtrands+® Client
Results may vary.

Harshil’s Before & After

Harshil was impressed by the level of professionalism and the personal attention he received at Hair Club. He also met a few other clients at the center and was able to see their results firsthand. Convinced, Harshil decided to move forward with the Xtrands+ solution. After just a few weeks, Harshil had the hair he wanted and the renewed sense of confidence that came with it. Today, he raves about Hair Club and how great having his hair back makes him feel. “It’s my hair,” said Harshil. “It’s a part of me.”

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